Project Sambandh is an one man initiative  begun by a retired army officer and Shaurya Chakra awardee Col Vembu Shankar with a hop to connect the next of Kin (NoK) of physical casualties in the Army.

   It is intimated that this Project is a philanthropic initiative to help families particularly young widow and children of JCOs/OR who lost their lives under ‘non-operational circumstances’. The primary and noble intent of the Project is to bring awareness about the challenges the NOK of the PC (fatal) being faced and assist them in connecting them to the DIAV, which is providing several social and educational schemes in coordination with Govt and non Govt agencies to their children and widows from time to time.

 Of-late the lnfosys foundation has signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Dte of Indian Army Veterans (DIAV) to provide educational grants and scholarships worth of Rs 30 Cr to widows and children of Army personnel who have been impacted through physical casualties. This benefit will be extended to the effected indls wanting to pursue education from classes 1 to 12, graduation, post graduation, professional courses and grant towards computer literacy. The grants from Army for education ranging from Rs 10,000/- to 50,000/- considering the average grant per child for a Yr is Rs 20,000/- a total number of children who can benefit from this grant is rS 15000.

     Keeping in view the above, you are requested to give a wide publicity of the scheme among all the eligible beneficiaries. The beneficiaries may visit the website on the link­windows-children.htm“. It is also intimated that, in case of any further clarification or apprehension in this regard may please be approached to Col Vembu Shankar, SC on the details furnished as under :-

Mob No – 8777877409
Email :
Website :

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