Premature Retirement Sanctioned in Army for JCOs/OR Through Online Portal Named Setu

PMR for army JCO OR through SETU Portal

Indian Army as a Career option is always a bright option for those who are interested in advancement in their career with responsibilities and free from domestic problems which pull back them to go ahead any more. In such a situation there is no option other than to opt for premature retirement.

Fior a soldier there may be several reasons to opt for PMR (Pre Mature Retirement) on completion of minimum pensionable service (15 Yrs or thereafter). There are so many reasons to proceed to PMR which differes from persons to person basd on their socio economic and other situations including family issues.

Since last two decades, most of the JCOs/OR who are trying to proceed to PMR are not sanctioned by the competent authority and their application is returned by the intermidiatory channels. It may be due to unorganised processing of the PMR application or due to some other reasons.

Now, The Defence authority (Army) has considered the problem facing by the applicants who are willing to proceed to PMR and introduced an online portal named SETU. The portal has been launched by Signals Directorate. Detailed information is mentioned in the letter issued by the Sighs Dte, IHQ of MoD (Army) whcih is produced here in pdf form.

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