Positive Signs on Equal MSP of ₹ 15500 Court case 

Demand for Equal MSP Rs 15,500  for all ranks of armed forces is pending in Delhi High Court.  A lot of development has been done since yesterday. The first development that happened is that special bench has come before this bench now that this case has been brought before it.

That means our demand of  Rs 15,500 for military service pay,  is positively moving with Delhi High Court. Honorable Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva Ji and Honorable Justice Manoj Jain were assigned on the bench, now this case has been transferred to them. What is the information that was updated today.

Now this case has gone to the another bench. And now the Bench is headed by Honorable Justice V Kameshwar Rao and Honorable Justice Sourav Banerjee. Now your case will proceed before this bench.

Accordingly there is a new bench, there is a new case for them. By the time you had finished your part, no one was talking about it. Now this new head will start working for you.

The brief of the case was understood by the new Judge for the case, no time was given to understand the full detail, the next hearing has been scheduled for understood in full detail. But in nutshell , Briefing  has been given to the Judge ,  and the next date of hearing on 16 April 2024.

Now your next date will be on 16th April 2024. But the thing to be happy about is that the first bench heard our case this day. This is a good positive approach. 

And all the documents required are already labeled. The longer the time goes by, the more time it will take for the Judge  to understand, and then you will start arguing again. It is possible that if the order is received early, then your case will be resolved quickly, and if the process of further adjournment of the order continues, or the process of adjourning the court can be started, then the case can be resolved quickly, Just like you saw before.

As you have come to know, there was no hearing on 6th February, but on that day, when hearing on 6th February was not done, then Judge Sahab did not immediately tell you about 9th February, and when the number came to hear the case on 9th February, then the Government side, the wise companion, he asked us to advance the date, and the date he got was today’s 5th March. You know this, we are getting more and more time after time, and since 2006, the issue of anomalies in MSP has been going on, Earlier this court was not even called, it was internal, and since 2016, this is going on in the court, 

And the Court is going to move forward from 2024 onwards, and 2 Pay Commissions have been passed , the third one has also come, that is, the work of the second one has to be completed, now this decision has come before the 8th Pay Commission, so from the Court side. What is the matter, what has not come is that we pay commission, what will the government think about it, this will help the future world,


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