Pensioners Should Aware of Such Fraudstars : Life Certificate is the new Fishing

Central Pension Accounting Office has issued instruction on 14th Oct 2022 regarding Fraudulent activities of fraudsters and  suggested alert to pensioners- Beware of fraud calls.

It has come to notice of the CPAO that the cyber malefactors have been calling to pensioners to update their Life Certificate by getting their data from somewhere as date of appointment, date of retirement, PPO number, Aadhaar number, e-mail, address, monthly pension, nominee etc, The fraudsters call pensioners with their data to convince them that they are calling from Pension Department and ask the pensioners to share OTP for updating their Life Certificate. Once they get OTP from pensioners, the fraudsters get direct access to their bank accounts and transfer the amount from pensioners’ account to a fraud account.

In this regard, all the pensioners have been cautioned by the CPAO to beware of these type of fraud calls and intimated that no person on behalf of CPAO calls to pensioners to ask any detail or share OTP.

Therefore, all the pensioners have been advised not to share OTP or any other detail etc. for any updation for pension to avoid such frauds.

                       Scheme Booklet of CPAO (Para 14) may be referred for submission of certificates and different modes available with pensioners for submission of Life Certificate. Department of Pension and Pensioner’s Welfare (DoP&PW) OM No. 1(8)/2021-P&PW(H)-7468 dated 30th September, 2022 regarding submission of Annual Life Certificate.


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