Pension of these Defence Pensioners may be Paused – Lets Check now

Pension of these Defence Pensioners may be Paused - Lets Check now

As per notifications of SPARSH, those pensioners failed to submit their Life Certificate within due date, has been given opportunity to complete their identification / Life certificate at various means of Life Certificate within the stipulated period. Most of Defence pensioners have completed their Life Certificate/ Identification in suitable means i.e through Bank, CSCs, Direct to SPARSH Portal, Using face Read App / Finger Print machine on Jeevan Praman Portal.

However, it has been observed that even after submission of Life Certificate in Bank, thousands of pensioners have still receiving SMS reminder from SPARSH to submit Life Certificate. On detailed study, it has been found that such pensioners have submitted life certificate trhough bank/ other means but due to improper submission by the Bank officials or other dealing persons, their identification has not been completed. Mostly the fault is in terms of selection of Sanctioning authority and Pension disbursing authority whcih should as details provided by SPARSH exactly, either identification will not be linked with SPARSH. Ypou may check if your Life Certificate has been submitted properly or using the link here.

How to check identification status

Correct Ways to perform Annual Identification/Life Certification in SPARSH

1) Via the Digital Jeevan Pramaan online/Jeevan Pramaan Face App for Android Users by selecting:

Sanctioning Authority as “Defence – PCDA (Pension) Prayagraj”

Disbursing Authority as “SPARSH – PCDA (Pension) Prayagraj”

For SBI pensioners – Visit any of SBI branch to submit life certificate

Pensioners can complete Annual Identification/Life Certification by logging in on and opting for:

Download & upload Manual Life Certificate (MLC) duly signed by authorized signatory, or

By selecting Aadhaar-based Digital Life Certificate (DLC)

Pensioners can also visit nearest SPARSH Service Centre or CSC for annual identification.

Centres available at Defence Account Department or Banks click here – https://sparsh.defencepension.govin/?page=serviceCentreLocator

Common Service Centres (CSCs), click here:

Status Check : Defence Pensioners Life Certificate Submitted to SPARSH or Not
Confirm Now Your Life Certificate Accepted by SPARSH or Not
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