Pension for December 2023 Not Credited ? Know the Reason Here

A large number of pensioners have communicated that they did not recceive their pension for the current month till date. It is true that most of the pensioners have already received their pension on 29th December 2023. December 30 and 31 being holiday of PCDA, pension for this month has already been credited in advance.

Since the SPARSH implemented, pension of all defence pensioners are credited only on the last working day of the month. If last working day is observed as a holiday, pension may be credited earlier also.

Since 30 and 31 Dec holiday, it was not possible to confirm from any authority about the reason for non crediting the pension of some pensioners. However, it can be assumed that Life Certificate submission is not an issue as SPARSH has already extended date for last date for submission of Life Certificate for Defence Pensioners upto 31 Jan 2023. So, if your life certificate has not been submitted till date, it will not be a reason for stopping your pension.

Though it is confirmed that you all have submitted your life certificate but it has been found that a large number of defence pensioners have till not submitted their Life Certificate properly.

You must check your SPARSH profile and confirm that your date of submission of Life Certificate is in November 2023 or an earlier date on which date/month you submitted your Life Certificate. Also confirm that your Life certificate is not due as on date. Those who submitted the Life Certificate through Bank, may not have been followed the right process as it has been experienbced earlier also. Coorect procedure to submit the Life Certificate for SPARSH pensioners is available here –

Ways to Confirm Your Life Certificate Accepted by SPARSH or Not
How to Check Your Life Certificate Submitted to SPARSH or Not
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