PCDA Has Published Names of SPARSH Pensioners : Chek Your Name Here

SPARSH Pension System for Defence Pensioners

You must aware of SPARSH Pension system which has already been rolled out for Defence pensioner belongs to all ranks including defence civilians.  After generation of SPARSH PPO Number, you will be intimated by the PCDA about your migration and user ID with Password  will be communicated by electronic means (mobile phone msg). Once you receive the user ID and PassWord, your task is to complete the PDV Process. After First time login to SPARSH you need to change your password and then sign electronically the declaration regarding your data verification. Just follow the instructions on screen to complete the Declaration which is known as PDV. Read more about how to complete PDV here. You may watch videos in this matter at our channel Exserviceman India.

The effective pension administration system named SPARSH portal is established with the objective of empowering a Defence Pensioner with regard to his pension account. This is a step towards disintermediation of services. This portal ensures that the pensioner is in control of his pension account right from the time he applies to avail his pension. The Pensioner is allotted a unique account number once his digitised audited pension claim is ready for forwarding to PCDA(Pensions) for issue of Pension Payment Order. Thereafter PCDA issues he necessary orers and payment made dirrectly to the bank account of the pensioners.

Action required to be taken by Defence Pensioners

The Pensioner is informed of this account number on the mobile number/email address furnished by him at the time of furnishing his pension claim which he can use to onboard on this portal. Once the Service Record Holder and the corresponding Pay Accounts Office prepares the pension claim it is made available to the pensioner on the portal for verification. This process is called Pensioner Data Verification (PDV). PDV ensures that the pensioner has the final say with respect to the information furnished to the Pension Sanction Authority.

Defence pension Account has finally implemented for effective pension sanction and disbursement for Indian Armed Forces personnel. Combatant and non combatant personnel of Army, Navy, Air Force and Defence Civilians is now getting benefit of effecctive pension system through this portal.

This ultra modern Pensioner Portal provides a single window for the pensioners to avail the pension related services such as facility to view the pension details, pension entitlements, pensioner profile details, Income Tax forms etc.

At the centre of this system is the Defence Pensioner who will be given a completely transparent view of his pension account through a platform which captures and maintain a complete history of events and entitlements the pensioner right from the date of commencement of pension to the date of termination of pension due to their last eligible beneficiary.

PCDA has now Published the List : Check your Name here

PCDA used to publish the list of pensioners whose identification is due as on date to avoid stoppage of pension, the annual identification needs to be completed immediately on SPARSH using SPARSH PPO number.  Name of such pensioners are exist in the list. You may check the list if your name is there or not. Click here to check the list of pensioners who have still not completed Annual Identification through SPARSH.


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