PCDA Circulars on Recovery from Pensioners not more than one third of Pension in FMA payment cases of ECHS members

Recovery of pension is a bad news for all kind of pensioners. You must not agreed with this. In some cases, it is natural and logicc behind this is quite acceptable also. PCDA (Pension) Allahabad has issued Circular No. 225 vide No. AT/Tech/340/Vol- III dated 31.01.2022 regarding recovery of excess payment of FMA(Fixed Medical Allowance) and to regulate the ECHS facility in respect of Pre-01.04.2003 Armed Forces Pensioners.

PCDA (P) Allahabad has requested all Pension Disbursing Authorities and Regional Directors, Regional Centres-ECHS regarding excess payment of FMA to the Armed Forces pensioners by the PDAs in cases where pensioners had requested to stop payment of FMA (Fixed Medical Allowance) and applied for ECHS card from respective ECHS Polyclinics.

It has been observed by the PCDA that in number of cases, payment of FMA has been continued by the PDAs even after issuance of ‘Non Payment Certificate’. The issue was noticed when ECHS Polyclinics have refused handing over new 64 KB ECHS Card. Some ECHS Polyclinics have observed that even after issuance of FMA stoppage certificates, the PDAs have continued payment of FMA resulting in overpayment. Some of the Polyclinics have asked the beneficiaries to clear all the FMA overpayment before handing over of new card.

In above context, a meeting was held on 17.11.2021 with officers of ECHS and CGDA under chairmanship of Joint Secretary, Ex-Servicemen Welfare for continuation of ECHS coverage, pending recovery of excess FMA. Ministry has expressed their view that overpayment due to overlook on the part of PDAs and the beneficiaries should not face hardship due to this lapse and ECHS facility should not be stopped.

In view of the facts and directives of Joint Secretary, Ex-Servicemen Welfare, Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence, Deptt. of Ex-Servicemen Welfare, all Pension Disbursing Authorities- have been requested by PCDA(P) to identify such Pre-01.04.2003 retired pensioner’s cases and issue a fresh “ Non-payment Certificate”. In addition, PCDA has also given approval to recover the overpaid amount on account of FMA in monthly installments subject to prescribed condition i.e. not more than 1/3rd of the basic pension plus dearness relief.  However, in case of any arrears accrued on account of revision of pension, the recovery can be liquidated in full. PCDA(P) has further given approval that, if pensioner gives consent for higher installment, the same can be recovered.

Consequent upon the regularistion, all Regional Directors, Regional Centres ECHS have been requested by PCDA(P) to issue necessary instruction for issuance of ECHS Cards to ECHS Polyclinics under their administrative jurisdiction.

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