Pay Fixation of Reemployed Ex-servicemen : Updates on Revised Orders

Pay Fixation of Reemployed Ex-servicemen : Updates on Revised Orders

After joining govt employment in ministries/department under any state/central/local/PSU body, the soldiers belongs to Commissioned officers category of all three wings of the Indian Armed Forces are allowed to get gheir pay fixed at the same stage as drawn before retirement in the Armed Forces service. It is true that some amount equal to a portion of pension of the reemployed officer is deducted from the pay so fixed (after allowing all kind of allowances).

Such a treatment with the reemployed officer is expected and legitimate considering the socio economic requirement at the stage in which a soldier is discharged from service with a nominal amount of pension. Their pay should not be equal to a fresher recruit.

Similarly, it must be considered by the Govt authority that the reemployed Exservicemen belongs to JCOs/OR category should also get their pay fixed as per last pay drawn in Armed Forces. But unfortunately, govvt has clearly denied the benefit for all reemployed ESM (JCOs/OR) who have reemployed on or after 1986 in Govt Dept/ministries as per CCS Fixation of pay rules (RP) 1986.

The nodal agency DOP&T has issued several amendment from time to time but unfortunately all these have proved to be beneficial for Commissioned Officers only. On the basis of the same DOP&T orders, Banks also have extended the pay fixation benefit as per last pay drawn to all ranks of Exservicemen.

The matter was brought to the attention of DOP&T, MoD and MoF several times by the ex-servicemen individually and through the organised manner since long. Finally, the nodal authority agreed with the facts that the disparity and discrimination on the existing Pay Fixation orders of 31 July 1986 and had taken initiative to make uniform pay fixation methodology for all ranks of reemployed exservicemen/pensioners. The drafft orders was prepared in 2017 and taken approval of all stake holders.

The draft copy of the well defined uniform (and free from disparity) pay fixation methodology was submitted to MoF, Dept of Expenditure for financial approval whcih is still pending and several objections/observations raised on the proposed modifications in the Pay fixation methodology several times by them. The latest position of the Pay fixation file is as under:-

Representatives of AIREXSA attend ameeting called by Secretary, DOP&T Smt Radha S Chauhan, IAS on short notice in New Delhi. As it has been communicated earlier that the our pay fixation file returned back to DOP&T after certain quarries raised by Department of Expenditure in the last week of October 2023. The Governing body members of AIREXSA have raised their concern on the issue and requested Secretary, DOP&T to call all stakeholders of the concerned Department in a meeting including AIREXSA for valuable inputs and resolve the issue.

They have also expressed their displeasure on delay tactic of DOP&T and Department of Expenditure, MoF. They have also suggested certain ways for resolving the issue at DOP&T level. She has assured them to get some way and speak to Secretary, Dept of Expenditure to resolve the issue. They are not pleased at all with her assurance as she has given such promise earlier also. But at this juncture, AIREXSA and all reemployed Exservicemen of the country don’t have any other option except believing on her. She has assured to invite AIREXSA representatives for a meeting very soon to resolve the issue as communicated by Sanjay Kumar Tiwari, Working President, AIREXSA

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