Revised OROP Table for Jawans without Anomaly : Maj Gen Satbir Singh

Most of the ESM are not satisfied with the OROP-2 Revision table. Defence pensioners demanded Revised OROP Table for Jawans without Anomaly as communicated to the Govt by Maj Gen Satbir Singh. Specially, the JCOs/OR has reportd a huge disccrepancy in the Table No 7 and 8.  To communicate the issue with the Govt,   Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM, Chairman, IESM has written a letter addressed to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India stating the anomalies in OROP notification.  He has requested the Hon’ble PM to remove the anomalies in OROP implementation.  A serious discrepancy has been found in the equalization Tables of OROP II wef 01 Jul 2019 issued by DESW on 20 Jan 2023 and that has been described in this letter.

Revised OROP Table for Jawans without Anomaly : Maj Gen Satbir Singh

Maj Gen Singh has also mentioned in the letter that Govt had very categorically announced that One Man Judicial Committee was constituted and the recommendations of OMJC committee has not been considered and  no action has been initiated to implement the OMJC report to remove anomalies in OROP introduced by MOD.


Rank (Group Y) & Length of ServiceOROP I w.e.f  
OROP as Per 7th   CPC multiplying 2.57)As per PPO 2018/2019*As per OROP II 20.01.2023Discrepancy (+) & (-)Remarks
Sepoy (ACP-11) 17 Yrs66651713021325*18807(-) 2518*Variation between OROP I and PPO i.e Rs 4195 has been added to all ranks JCOs/ORs.
Naik (ACP —II) 22 Yrs71701843022625*21244(-)1381
Havildar (ACP-II) 24 Yrs78082006724262*22257(-) 2005
Nb Sub 26 Yrs104052674130936*24825(-) 6111
Sub 28 Yrs122683152935724*29700(-) 6024
Sub Maj 30 Yrs130453352637721*31625(-) 6096
Hon Lt (28-30) Yrs160904135145546*41200(-) 4346
Hony Capt 30Yrs1’70104371647911*42500(-) 5411

You may read the PDF copy of this letter here.

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