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OROP Table 2023 to be Withdrawn by Govt for Modification ?

It is well known that the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare , Ministry of Defence published the Modalities of OROP Revision including 121 Tables for various categories of Officers and JCOs/OR of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force vide their letter No. 1(1)/20 19/D(Pen/Pol)Vol-II dated 20.01.2023. The notification comprises revision of pension under One Rank One Pension Scheme (OROP) with effect from 01.07.2019 to all Pre-01.07.2019 Defence Forces Pensioners /Family Pensioners.

It has been seen that a large number of defence pensioner (specially JCOs/OR) are dissatisfied with their OROP pension table. People are quite isappeared with th table No 7 – for JCOs OR. It has also been found that most of the ranks of JCOs/OR category are deprived and their pension as per the table goes at negative side and they do not have any increase in pension. For Example : Sgt of IAF (X Gp) with 20 years of service do not have any increase in pension ; similarly Hav Y Gp with 24 Yrs of service has no increase in their pension. The ex-servicemen associations have submitted detailed analysis of each and every tables with justification to the Ministry of Defence and other Govt authorities which shows that the tables are not properly prepared.

PCDA Allahabad (Prayagraj) has also issued circular No 666 on the basis of that Notification dated 20 Jan 2023. But on 27th January 2023, it has been found that the Govt notification which was published in the official website of the DESW on 20 Jan 2023 disappeared without stating any reason. Later on it was found lised in the circculars under heding OROP. However, all pensioners belongs to JCOs/OR cateory are expecting a review of the OROP Notification and rectification of the Table No 7 to 10 and 92-94 Specially within a very short period.

OROP Table 2023 to be Withdrawn by Govt for Modification ?

Pensioners are eagerly witing that the OROP Notification must be modified as per representation / reporting of anomalies by various ex-servicemen associations.

If it is so, then all pensioners may expect a good news soon, so that they may get actual OROP with effect of upward revision of pension. It is also expected that at least few hundred / thousand rupees must be increased in the pension of the defence pensioners.

OROP case in Sureme Court Again on 01 Feb 2023

Today, Maj Gen Satbir Singh has Twitted that , “OROP arrears. Indian Ex-servicemen Movement (IESM) has filed Miscellaneous Application (MA) in HSC to order MoD to pay arrears immediately instead of 4 (six monthly) instalments. We hope MA will be heard soon by HSC.” So, you may expect the arrears at one installment soon or it may cause delay due to waiting period for finalization of Court case by HSC.

From the pension slip of 31 Jan 2023, it has been cleared that near about 4 lakh pensioners have already received OROP revised and increased pension. The task to revised pension of all pre 2014 Jul defene pensioners will be completed by 15 Feb this year and remaining within next month.


7 thoughts on “OROP Table 2023 to be Withdrawn by Govt for Modification ?”

  1. Hony Lt Munni Lal Sharma

    I disagree of OROP-II which is totally unjustified for JCOs/OR and Hony Lt & Hony Capt ranks their basic Penson has been reduced than OROP-I. It seems that these Hony ranks may be deprived for next OROP-III review. I suggested to stop arrears and review again.

    1. Mohinder Singh Guleria

      मोदी जी orop दे रहे हैं, वोह भी कोर्ट के फैसले से लेकिन फिक्सेशन वाले अधिकारी क्या करते है, किस के डायरेक्शन में करते हैं यह वोही जाने।

  2. Modification is good. But for that how long we have to wait is the question. People like me who are waiting for rhe arrears and increase in pension have to wait further more is really tragic. I have compleated 77 years with various illness and If this is to happen means i wont be able to enjoy the benefits.My humble request is that be satisfied with whatever we are getting and be happy.

  3. Why pension is not fixed by Government officials as per pension regulations. Why they not taken view of length service for pensioners. It is not understood 26 Years service and 20 years service Equal pension PBOR table Number 7
    . This is against service norms. There is no need to serve as JCO in the army. What is the intention of Cgda, DESW and army authorities to fix pension by clubbing lengths of service in slab. No increase of pension after 20 Years Nb Sub till 26.5 years.

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