OROP Latest News Today – OJC Report Revealed in Public through RTI

orop latest news today

OROP Latest News Today is disussed here for our readers. Lets know what are present situation of the ongoing movement for real OROP for JCOs/OR. “OROP was demanded by the Armed Forces pensioners to get a compensation on account of early retirement from service whcih is mainly applicable to JCOs/OR.

But it has been observed from the Budgetary report that the 90% of the money allotted for OROP, has been distributed among the retired officers cadre who are usually retired at the superannuation almost equal age of a civilian employees ” Says Subedar Jai Sing , Retired AMC JCO. History of OROP is mostly known to all Veterans. We will not discuss the History of OROP but must discuss the present situation and possibilities based on the activities. OROP has been implemented for Indian Armed Forces Pensioners in 2015 with effect from July 2014.

Since then the anomaly continued with the new system of pension determination for veterans. According to the modalities of OROP as per recommendation of varuious committee constituted for the purpose, pensuion should be fixed at the higest range of any given rank and service length. Whereas the pension is being determined from the average of minimum and maximum of the rank and service length which is contradictory and it defeats the very porpose of the system.

It is true that after intervention of the Appex court , OROP-2 has been finally implemented at the begining of this year but the arrears is now being as per schedule published by MoD. You may read the revised schedule here.

It may be expected that the protest and agitation of ESM organisations may results into proper implementation of OROP for JCOs OR.


To bring the system effective and to ensure proper implementation, veterans are strugling to convince the Govt authority since then. Commissioned officers has mostly no effect on the anomally as they are highly benefifitted with this OROP. Pension of an officer increased upto 60 thousand per month after implementation of the OROP whereas the jawas /JCOs average increase is Rs 400/- . You can imagine the level of impartiality in this democratic country. Officers are entitled to get time bound promotion since 2002. So, there are no such minimum and maximum pension clauses – Pay of all officers of certain rank and service are almost equal. In the other hand, a PBOR of infantry soldier or an EME Tech person used to get his first promotion after rendering approx 15 years of service. Their counterpart though a few in number, may get the similar promotion after rendering 3 years of service. So, there are a huge difference between the pay of such jawans and it effects on the pension accordingly.

As a result, the average pension of minimum and maximum of any rank creates a huge gap and always makes the most of the veterans non beneficial in OROP. 80% of the Jawans did not get a single penny in the OROP 2nd revision. Whereas in case of officers only 10% are suffering. Such a disparity caused dissatisfaction among the vetran jawans and JCOs.

Moreover, the average increase in pension for the jawans are Rs 400/- pm. whereas for officers , the average increase is 8,500/- pm which is more than 21 times. What a wonderful system !

The statistics have been represented to the appropriate authority several times by various ESM Associations but govt has taken no action till date, because, this is question of parity and the commissioned never let them make it possible. British has gone but their policiy and mentality is still exis in the Indian Armed Forces Officers. Recently in a news items it was published that the British structure of Indian Armed Forces is being reformed but the officers resisted to implement it.

One man Judicial Committee which was chaired by the Retd Chief Justice of the Patna High Court was submiotted to the Govt in the year 2016 but sice then it was under cover. Now, the report has been publicly opened through RTI. According to the report published many thing were there which need to be implemented by a reform in OROP system. Though nothing has been stated in this report on the modalities of /determination of pension on the basis of average pension or the highest pension . Nothing has been stated about the periodicy of the review.

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