OROP News Update : Again in Court Case

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After a long waiting ESM community has not recceived the OROP 2nd Revision. As per extension allowed earlier by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, OROP Revision for 2nd time was required to be completed by 15th December 2022 which has been failed. 

As per Information published by the Chairman, IESM, Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM,  Govt has filed an MA on 14th December 2022 just before the last date for implementation of OROP-II. Govt authority has appealed before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for grant of Extension of time period for another 3 months to implement OROP 2nd Revision and payment of arrears thereof. 

As per appeal, if the Appex Court grant extension to the Govt, Cut off date of OROP-II Revsion will now be 15 March 2023.  As twitted by Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM, the IESM will contest Govt scheming & machination for another extn 3 months till 15 Mar 23.  Govt authority has not prepared the revision table till date. This is contrary to excuse given last time that all work completed only Cabinet Approval awaited. Hearing for the appeal filed by Govt in the form of MA for further extension of time for implementation of orders of Supreme Court of India is scheduled for 02 Jan 2023.

The ESM community is still keeping good faith on the Govt decision and waiting eagerly to get their legitimate rights. The Democratic system and strong judiciary has always taught us to have faith on the Govt Decision in all type of situation.

It is Expected that the ESM Community will get their revised pension as due frrom 01 July 2019 very soon alongwith arrears of pension.


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