OROP Increased Pension Paid on 31 Jan 2023: Update by PCDA SPARSH

OROP Increased Pension Paid on 31 Jan 2023: Update by PCDA SPARSH

Have You checked your pension slip for Jan 2023 ? OROP Revised pension have already been paid to some pensioners. A retired Hav/Clk of Punjab Regiment has shared his OROP pension Revision on 06 Feb 2023 as details below :

“ I am pre July 2014 pensioner. I got OROP-II pension ₹30,060/- pm for January 2023. My previous pension was ₹ 26,948/- pm. Moreover I have received a message for generation of Corr. PPO from PCDA (P) Allahabad. I was retired (premature) on 31 March 1996(AN) in the rank of Havildar Clerk Group “B” from Army, The Punjab Regiment, 18 PUNJAB unit. Is it correct amount remitted to me for OROP-II?

So, you may expect that you also likely to get your OROP-II Revised pension and arrears soon. But SPARSH, PCDA, Allahabas has issued updates on OROP Arrears as mentioned below:

Message from SPARSH to SBI & other banks

Pre – Jul 2014 pensioners only will get arrears of OROP-II and enhanced pension due to OROP -II by mid Feb 2023. Post – Jul 2014 pensioners have to wait some more time as fresh PPOs are to be issued.

1. No arrears paid on account of OROP -II yet by anyone.

2. Pension for 4.5 L pensioners revised by PCDA through SPARSH System till date. Remaining will be completed by 15 February. So, some pensioners have already received more pension than previous months.

3. Arrears likely to be paid by end of February 2023. PCDA will take attempt to complete it by mid February. No effect of any court case is there. As you know that IESM has filed a case (MA) in the Appex Court recently demanding payment of entire arrears of OROP at one time and NOT in four installment.

4 . For Banks PCDA has instructed : instructions being issued to pay arrears to Retirees of pre 2014 (means OROP1). In case of post 2014 pensioners, fresh PPO will be issued soon and it will take some time.

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