OROP-2 Benefit be extended to Premature Retired Personnel also

OROP for Premature Retired Personnel also ? Know the Rules

Is a prematured Retired Soldier entitled to get OROP Benefir? this question is answered proerly here. The routine revision process of OROP which was due in July 2019 has already been delayed by 3 years due to judicial involvement and finally the apex court has directed the govt authority to take necessary steps for completion of revision process. Veterans are waiting for 3 years to get their legitimate rights. Now the issue regarding applicability of OROP is in question. According to the instructions dated 07.11.2015 issue by DESW pensioners as scheduled who retired before 01 July 2014 are entitled to get the OROP Benefit. A detailed article in this regard is available in our website and if you are interested to know the eligible criteria kindly click here.

What about Premature retired veterans ? According to the circular issued by Defence authority ad clarification thereof, those PMR veterans who retires before 07.11.2015 is entitled to get OROP benefit. Those who have taken premature retirement on or after 07.11.2015 will not be entitled to get OROP-2 benefit. However, it is expected that the Defence pension authority will definitely issue instructions before implementation of OROP-2 in details wherein it will be clarified the eligibility criteria, if any changes occurred. To stop PMR due to lucrativeness of OROP, such decision was taken by the Govt. To read the letter dated 07.11.2025 on OROP click here.

So, if you are planning to get Premature Retirement at own request for any of your effective purpose, should you proceed or not ? Being an Exservicemen I can suggest you, do not drop your dream due to fear of loosing little financial benefit. If you have planned to start your career in civil side, which may give you job satisfaction and live your dream life, must go for it and don’t be hesitated considering non applicability of OROP. This amount will appear to be nothing if you have planned a robust career in civil life.

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