OROP Arrears Date Fixed by Supreme Court

Finally Supreme Court has Released order for OROP Arrears. As per the order of the Supreme Court of India of 9th January 2023, Table of OROP for revision of pension and payment of Arrears thereof is ready.  CGDA has already completed the task of preparation of Table and CDA will now process the table for approval of MoD.  However, Calculation of pension of Armed Forces Pensioners and family pensioner under OROP scheme will be completed and necessary payment which is due from July 2019 to be paid by 15th March 2023.  So, you may expect a reasonable amount to be credited to your bank account on account of OROP arrears during the month of March 2023.

OROP stands for One Rank One Pension, which is a government policy in India that ensures that retired military personnel of the same rank and length of service receive the same pension, regardless of when they retired. This policy was implemented in 2015. According to the modalities of OROP, revision should take place in every 5 years. The second revision was due in July 2019.  Due to litigation, the revision was pending for long 3 years and finally supreme court has ordered to pay the Arrears and revised pension by March 2015.  The original Text of the Supreme Court of India is reproduced below :-

UPON hearing the counsel the Court made the following


MA No 2185/2022 In WP (C) No 419/2016

1.         Mr N Venkataramani, Attorney General for India states that the tabulation for nearly 25 lakh defence pensioners has been completed by the Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA) , Allahabad. The tabulation shall now be processed by the Controller of Defence Accounts (CDA) and will be considered by the Ministry of Defence.

2.         Time for completing the entire exercise in compliance with the judgment of this Court is extended until 15 March 2023.

3.         The Miscellaneous Application is accordingly disposed of. MA No 2204/2022 In WP (C) No 419/2016

4.         In view of the order passed in MA No 2185 of 2022, the Miscellaneous Application is disposed of.


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