OROP Arrears 2nd Installment Paid this Month : Know reality from Veterans

Based on the Orders of Supreme Court, the first installment of OROP Arrears on account of revision of pension of Armed Forces Pensioners as per New OROP pension Table has already been paid to all eligible pensioners in February – March 2023.  The schedule of payment of remaining OROP arrears as per Supreme Court Order was as per table mentioned here:

Type of PensionersPayment of OROP Arrears
Family Pensioners and Gallantry Award winnersBy 30 April 2023
Above 70 years of ageOn or before 30.06.2023
Remaining  Eligible PensionersIn three equal installments on  31.08.2023, 30.11.2023 and 28.02.2024.

You may be aware of the facts that the OROP arrears was supposed to be paid at one go after discussion in the Appex Court on 27 Feb 2023.  Accordingly on 28 Feb 2023, a circular No 667 issue by PCDA wherein it was mentioned that the whole arrears amount will be paid to all eligible OROP pensioners at one go within 15 March 2023.  However it was not possible due to the budget outlay was not sufficient to meet the expenses, as represented by the MoD.

In an order of the Appex Court on 20 March 2023, the new schedule of payment of OROP Arrears has been published. However, the Table of OROP Pension for all ranks including JCOs OR is still unchanged.

The revised schedule of OROP Arrears payment as ordered by Supreme Court is :-

1. The payment of OROP dues to family pensioners and gallantry award winners shall be made in one installment on or before April 30, 2023.

2. OROP dues to pensioners who are above 70 years shall be paid on or before 30.06.2023, whether in one or more installments within the outer limit.

3. Last trench of OROP remaining outstanding shall be paid in equal instalments on or 31.08.2023, 30.11.2023 and 28.02.2024.

It has been learn from the Senior Citizen Veterans that the pension arrears on account of OROP has been paid to some of them at full and final and arrears slip has been generated in the SPARSH Portal for them. Those who has zattined the age of 70 or more, have received the 2nd instalment in this week. So it may be expected that the remaining categories of pensioners will recceived their dues as per schedule mentioned above.

So, it may be expected that you also may receive the Second Installment of OROP Arrears at your scheduled time.

Discrimination in fixation of pension under OROP Scheme has been seriously viewed by the PBOR Community and they are protesting throughout the Country. In Delhi, at Jantar Mantar, the protest and agitation is continued. It is expoected that not only OROP all the discrimination and disparity in the pay and allowance,, pension and other benefits will now be resolved as the victims, the Jawans has awaken and declared the fight for rights against all odds. To know more in this regard, kindly visit our website.


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