OROP Arrears 2nd Installment Aug 2023 – Check Now

OROP Arrears 2nd Installment Aug 2023 - Check Now
OROP 2nd Installment : Check eligibility

Defence Ministry has already issued revised guidelines of payment of OROP Arrears applicable to various categories of pensioners. According to the New Schedule, the OROP arrears will be paid in a revised form of payment schedule which is different from the earlier declared schedule of payment of OROP to all ranks of defence pensioners. In this article we will find the reality of arrears payment for OROP 2nd Revision effecctive from July 2019 to veterans.

According to the revised schedule, arrears of OROP 2nd Installment will be paid to all eligible Armed Forces Pensioners in August 2023. SPARSH pension system is now actively disbursing the pension and other pensionary benefits to the entire defence pensioners. So, it is obvious that the Arrears of OROP-2nd Instalment due in Aug’2023 also be paid diretly to your Bank Account by SPARSH .

Supreme Court Order on OROP Arrears

Supreme Court had already passed suitable orders to the Govt to pay the arrears within a stipulated period and discarded the proposal of Govt to pay the arrears in four installment each after six months. But Ministry of Defence has recently modified the schedule which is discussed here. However the most asked query, Revision of OROP Table has not been undertaken by any Govt authority till date.

OROP Table for revision of your pension wef 01.07.2019 has already been published by DESW, Ministry of defence earlier. The Notification comprises 121 Tables which has already been published in our website. To check your exact amount of pension increased kindly visit our website or click here. It is quite difficult to trace out your revised pension amount from the Table, so, a simpler tabular graphics is presented there. Pension of JCOs OR is generally available in table No 7 and 8, For disability pension please check Table No 93.

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Revised OROP Arrears Payment schedule

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The revised scedule as per Govt direction Vide DESW letter dated 28 April 2023 is as mentioned in following paragraphs:

(a) For Family Pensioners and Gallantary Awarad winners – Total OROP arrears wef 01.07.219 will be paid by 30 April 2023.

(b) For Senior Citizens aged over 70 Years – Total OROP arrears wef 01.07.219 will be paid by 30 June 2023.

(c) For remaining all Armed Fporces Pensioners – OROP Arrears wef 01.07.2019 will be paid in 3 more installments and the 2nd installment will be paid by – 31.08.2023, Third installment by 30.11.2023 and Fourth Installment by 28.02.2024.

As it has been observed that all the eligible armed forces pensioners have reeived their First installment of OROP Arrears latest by June 2023. So, it may be expected that the 2nd instalment will also be paid to your pension account before 31 August 2023. So, you need not to be worried in this matter.


How To check your Pension Entitlement ?

Those who have not received any arrears amount till date, may check their revised amount of pension from respecctive OROP Table available in this website. In case of the pension already drawing is more than the revised pension applicable to your rank and service, there is no question of revision. Hence, you will not get any arrears also.

You may also check your pension entitlement after login to the SPARSH Portal. Just click on My Documents and elect Pension entitlement. You will find the entitlement of your pension here. If this one has any difference of pension you were drawing before the 30 June 2023, you should approach the Defence Pension authority.

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