OROP Anomaly Committee of 3 Judges : Ex Servicemen Association Pleaded Govt

OROP 1st and 2nd revision have been implemented for the veterans of in Indian Armed Forces but the real effect has not been transformed to the pension of Jawans and JCOs, said the Jawans and JCOs who are in “ Peaceful Agitation” at Jantar Mantar in Delhi since 28 Feb 2023.  Demand of the Jawans is not so high.  The views of various Veteran associations and the Jawans and JCOs suffering a lot with discriminations are described below:

“Armed Forces are the backbone of the country to keep its integrity and sovereignty besides protecting the nation from external aggression.  The war of 1965, Indo Pak war of 1971, Operation Vijay 1999 and Kashmir Terrorism  has claimed thousands and lakhs of lives in the LOC, always reminding us of the great sacrifice of the Armed Forces.”

“The “Dharna Pradarshan” at Jantar Mantar by the Veteran Soldiers  with the demand to remove anomaly in Pension and welfare related issues of Jawans lasts for more than 200 days.  The Demand of veterans are still igned by the Govt authority.  Recently on 20 July 2023, the DESW, Ministry of Defence had published a not quoting the demand from various veterans organizations and all the demands and request for removing anomalies have been quashed showing the silly logic and orders/instructions/policies formed by themselves only  on the matter.”   

“The Veterans organisations have demanded to re-evaluate the policies  and instructions which brought such anomalies by which veterans are deprived of their legitimate rights. In such a situation the Govt authorities have just ignored the demand of the Armed Forces veterans of India.  Their demand is to evaluate the anomalies by a committee requested to be constituted comprising 3 retired judges of the Appex Court.”

“Several memorandum and requests have been submitted to the competent authorities by a number of ESM Associations but govt authority is silent on them.Neither any kind of Committee has been formed till date nor any satisfactory reply given on the issue by them.”

“Morality and motivation to dedicate one’s full potential towards his duties depends on the fulfillment of basic needs of life.  Attitude that shown by the Ministry is a demonstration of willful ignorance to the legitimate rights of soldiers.  Disparities are adding day by day.  Discriminations are being incremented with allowing more and more to the Elite Group of Armed Forces and in the other part who do not have any participation in making policy, are being deprived day by day”.

“OROP was the most demanding way to improve the quality of life of veteran Jawans & JCOs.  Officers were already getting a handful amount of pension approximately 5 times of a Jawan and after implementation of OROP it has been reached 6 to 8 times of a Jawan.  Govt authority very often says about scarcity of funds but it has been proved that 80% of the fund allotted for OROP has been paid to the Retired Officers who form only 3% of  the total strength of Armed Forces. “

Demand for forming a 3 Judges Committee has been strongly approached to the various Govt authorities to check and comment on the anomalies represented by the Associations.  The great Rally of Veteran jawans and JCOs to be held at Rewari in the last fortnight of this month.  Let’s hope for the best to get justice.

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