OROP 3rd Revision : Increase in Pension for all

orop 3 revision payment

Whatever changes have happened in the Indian Army so far, OROP has brought the biggest change in the pension system of all Officers and JCOs/OR up to some extent. It is a different matter that you will not agree with me that everyone must have got some or the other benefit from OROP. The aim of OROP was that everyone should get equal pension, that is, everyone who has completed equal service in a particular rank should get equal amount of pension and it has been fulfilled up to some extent and some is left. It is expected that more improvements will be brought in the coming years and everyone will get equal pension of his equal rank and service length it must be and correct pension.

It is expected that the aim of introducing One Rank One Pension will be fulfilled very soon. Friends, the demand of Indian Ared Forces pensioners for the last 40 years was pending and finally implemented in 2015. As you know that OROP has been implemented in the army from July 2014 and till that period who were pensioner got revised pension according to the table.
The revised pension table was made in such a way that the same rank and same service pensioners would get the same pension. As an example – after completing 24 years of service, the pension of all the Sgt of X group should get equal amount of pension irrespective of his date of retirement. Yes, it is a matter of course that due to pension revision every 5 years, once the revision is done, all the people who will get pension for the next 5 years, their pension may be less or more.
It is certain that the pension of all the orop covered pensioners will remain the same after the revision but the pension of all the new people who will get retired in next 5 years may be less or more.
But today what we will discuss in this is article that, when will be the next revision of the OROP , how will it happen and how much benefit will you get?
One Rank One Pension has come into force in July 2014 and after 5 years the second revision which was to implement in July 2019 could not carried out at that time due to some discrepancy and you got its benefit in December 2022. Now arrears are yet to be received, which will be received by all by 2024. Yes, it is true that you are getting enhanced pension.
So as you know that pension revision under OROP system has to be done once in every 5 years, the first revision happened in 2014 July, the second was in 2019 July and now the third one is going to be carried out in the same sequence in 2024 July.  
As per OROP Table No. 7 & 8, pension revision has been done for all the JCOs/OR pensioners and most of the pensioners have not received any benefit because the pensioner who is getting the highest amount of pension in a certain rank and service has not been taken into consideration for determination of Pension under OROP scheme to all similaruy situated pensioners at par with him. It was not considered correct but the pension table was fixed by averaging both the lowest and the highest, which is a violation of the modality of One Rank One Pension.
Movement is going on across the country regarding this. You know that the demonstration at Jantar Mantar has been going on continuously since February till now. You may not get any benefit of OROP second revision from this movement, but it is expected that the government will definitely bring changes in the pension table in the OROP revision to be held in July 2024. That is, you can expect that the pensioner who draws the highest pension of any rank will get the same amount of pension as the rest of the pensioners.
For example, now it can be assumed that after completing 20 years, Y groups Sgt is getting Rs.40,000 basic pension, then all the pensioners 20 years of service retired in Surgeon/Hav rank Y Gp will get Rs.40,000 basic pension.
According to the demand of the Indian Ex-Servicemen League, the OROP policy could not be formulated according to the recommendation of the committee, due to which the correct formula was not adopted in fixing the pension. Now, when so many protests and protests are going on across the country regarding OROP, military pensioners are angry with the government, we can hope, this time the correct formula of OROP will be adopted.
Looking at the pension of the officers of this time, it can be expected that in the third revision, the jawans also will get their rights. OROP will also have the right pension determination and everyone will get the right benefits.
Accordingly, all pensioners will definitely get at least ₹ 2000 increase in threir basic pension.
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