OROP-3 Consideration by President of India : Veterans Initiative

OROP-3 Consideration by President of India : Veterans Initiative

OROP -3 is due w.e.f 01 July 2024.  Veterans are eagerly waiting for the Govt notification or Circular in this regard.  Earlier, the Ex Servicemen Associations and individual veterans had Requested Hon’ble Raksha Mantri, Defence Secretary & Secretary ESW for Implementation of OROP-3 On time i.e. wef 01 Jul 2024. But till date no information in this regard has been shared or published by the Govt authority. 

The Pension for the Month of July 24 should be paid as OROP-3 Revised Pension. It would avoid the Extra Work of Calculation of OROP-3 Arrears and Planning the Additional Budget. However, no reply has since been received. One Line Reply would have gone a long way in Boosting the Morale of the Indian Armed Forces veterans Pensioners.   Some veterans have now approached the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces, Hon’ble President of India.  The main content of such a representation is reproduced here.

PCDA Letter on Sheltered Appointment Unwilling case : Doubt Clear

Madam President, Govt of India, Ministry of Defence, Dept of Ex-Servicemen Welfare letter No 12(1)/2014/D (Pen/Pol) – Pt-II dated 07 Nov 2015 Reads –

Para – 2 : It has been decided to Implement One Rank One Pension’ (OROP) for the Ex-Servicemen with effect from 01 Jul 2014.

Para – 3 (V) : in future, the Pension would be re-fixed every 5 years.

The OROP-1 was Implemented wef 01 Jul 2014 vide Gal MoD DESW letter No 12(1)/2014/D(Pen/Pol)-Part-IIdt 03 Feb 2016. The Pension was Revised and the Arrears paid by PDAs (Banks) in 2016. There was a Delay of 20 Months in the Revision of Pension and the Payment of Arrears.

B Ed Admission in Army Institute of Education : Online Form Fill up Started

The OROP – 2 was Implemented wef 01 Jul 2019 vide GOI MoD DESW letter No 1(1)/2019/O(Pen/Pol) dt 04 Jan 2023. The Pension was Revised in Apr 2023. There was a Delay of 3 Years 9 Months in Revision of Pension. The Arrears were to be paid till 29 Feb 24. Some of the Pensioners have still Not been Paid the 3rd and 4th installment of OROP-2 Arrears by SPARSH. The ESM had to approach the Hon’ble Supreme Court to get the OROP-2 implemented.

Hon’ble Supreme Court Order dt 20 Mar 23 on MA No 219 of 2023 in WP (Civil) No 419 of 2016 IESM Vs Union of India DESW In respect of Implementation of OROP-2 and Payment of Arrears, Reads –

Para – 13 : During the Course of Hearing, it has been Clarified Specifically by the Learned Attorney General for India, On Instructions, that the Deferral of Payment in terms of the Present Order shall not have any Bearing on Computation of Dues for the Purpose of the Next Equalisation, when It Falls Due.

Madam President, The OROP-3 Is NOW DUE wef 01 Jul 2024. It is Requested that Govt of India, Ministry of Defence be advised to Implement the OROP-3 In time wef 01 Jul 2024. The Pension of Jul 24 may please be paid as Revised Pension. It WOULD AVOID EXTRA WORK OF CALCULATION OF ARREARS, ITS PAYMENT LATER (Inc’ Interest on Delay In Payment) AND THE BURDEN OF PLANNING THE ADDITIONAL BUDGET.

Madam President, We the ESM have Sacrificed our Youth & Family Life for the Safety 8 Integrity of our Nation. In case due to any Circumstances, If the Implementation of OROP-3 Is likely to be Delayed, the Information may please be Shared with us Instead of keeping us In the Dark. Most of us are in the Queue for Leaving for Heavenly Abode. Please let them Leave Peacefully Remembering the Name of God Instead of keeping Non Re-fixation of OROP-3 & Payment of It’s Arrears in their Minds.

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