Online CSD : End of a Community Hub of Defence Walas

CSD canteen is one of the most precious link by which soldiers, even after retirement feel them associated with the main stream of Indian Armed Forces.  The legacy of service is still passed through the CSD to new generation and vis a vis the old are updated with the new era soldiers.  In this article we will discuss some important aspect of CSD Canteen.  The Canteen Stores Department (CSD) in India is a retail chain that operates canteens for the armed forces personnel and their families. While it may not be considered amazing in the traditional sense, there are some interesting facts about CSD canteens and their operations:

Exclusivity of CSD Canteen

CSD canteens are exclusive retail stores that primarily serve members of the armed forces, paramilitary forces, and their families. They offer products at  cheaper rates to provide them with cost-effective shopping options which is quite attractive and lucrative also.  Not only the veterans/soldiers, sometimes the neighbours and relatives express their excitement at being associated with such CSD beneficiaries..

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A large range of Product available in CSD

CSD canteens stock a wide range of products, including groceries, electronics like  TV , Fridge, Washing Machine etc, two-wheelers, cars, and many more. This helps soldiers and Ex-servicemen and their families access a variety of essential items at discounted prices.

Price Differential in comparison with Civil / Open market

Items sold in CSD canteens are generally priced lower compared to the open market due to subsidies and exemptions from taxes like GST (Goods and Services Tax).  Moreover profit maximisation is not the aim of CSD management.

Savings for Military Personnel

CSD canteens help military personnel save a significant amount of money on their purchases, making it a crucial part of their support system.  Economic and lucrative price attracts every veterans family to visit CSD regularly at least once in a month.

Tax Benefits on CSD Purchase

Purchases made in CSD canteens are exempt from various taxes, making them an attractive shopping option for the armed forces community.

Contribution to Welfare out of CSD Profit

A significant portion of the profit generated by CSD canteens is used for the welfare of armed forces personnel, including funding recreation and welfare activities.

Multiple CSD Outlets in the Military Stations

CSD canteens have outlets across India, including remote and difficult-to-reach areas, ensuring that military personnel stationed anywhere in the country have access to essential products.

Online Shopping of AFD Items & Plan to introduce all items online

Some costly items like TV Fridge, car, bike, AC etc are available to purchase online direct from CSD Depot. CSD canteens have also planned to embraced e-commerce, allowing military personnel to place orders of all grocery a dn electronics items online and have products delivered to their doorstep.

Supplier Network throughout the nation

CSD canteens have a network of suppliers and manufacturers who provide products at competitive rates, ensuring a continuous supply of goods for military personnel.

Community Hub for the Defence Walas

 Beyond shopping, CSD canteens often serve as community hubs, providing a space for military families to socialize and connect with each other. It is questionable that, after online e-commerce is introduced, such a community hub will be lost

While CSD canteens may not be “amazing” in the conventional sense, their role in supporting the armed forces community and their unique features make them an essential institution in India.