One Rank One Pension Anomaly Resolving Shortly : PM Modiji Assured

One Rank One Pension discrepancy will be removed soon: PM Modi assures

Retired JCOs and Jawans have been agitating for a long time on issues related to improper implementation of OROP. Agitation and protests are going on in the capital and all the small and big cities of India.

 In such a situation, Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has announced a great hope of Rays for 40 lakh Armed Forces Pensioners. OROP was implemented with its diluted version for the Indian Armed Forces in 2015 under the active consideration of the government. However, it has been observed that there are many anomalies in this system and other aspects of pension fixation. The basic discrepancies noticed by the Armed Forces Pensioners are as follows:
 (a) The concept of One Rank One Pension is founded on the principle of fixing the same amount of pension to equally placed pensioners of a particular rank. For example, all Havildars with 24 years of service should get the same pension whether one retired in 1972 or 2022. In fact it is observed that pension of all pensioners (irrespective of rank/length of service) is not equal. Reasons for wrongly fixing pension under OROP is deliberate at the interest of the bureaucrats’ to satisfy their ego.
 (b) The fixation of pension should be annual and not 5 years. The pension fixed in 2019 should not be different from the pension of a pensioner retiring in 2023.
(c) It is observed that the agitation against OROP discrepancy is basically on discrimination between two different categories of pensioners i.e. Officers and JCO/OR. According to the ESM JCO/OR Association, out of the budget allocated for payment of arrears, 95% of the amount has been paid only to retired officers, while they are no more than 5% of the pensioners. So, it clearly states that some manipulation has been done in order to fix the equal amount of pension that is drawing by the youngest pensioner of any rank.  Whereas in case of JCO/OR it is the average of maximum and minimum pension drawn by the pensioners of the particular rank and service.

(d) All types of Armed Forces pensioners should be considered entitled for OROP in view of their selfless service to the nation.

The cases have been reported to the government authority through various means of communication and finally in the PM’s speech in Mann Ki Baat, Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modiji has assured that work is in progress to resolve the issues raised .

PM pointed that the ongoing commentary on the Government side and their activities is not required to be published. So, we can trust his assurance and hope that soon the discrepancies will be removed and we all will get the real benefit of OROP.

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