No more Extra Charge by ECHS Empaneled Hospitals

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All Empanelled Hospitals


1.         Refer to ECHS Policies and guidelines

2          Many complaints are being received that hospitals are ‘charging for food and discharge medicines from patient”. this is violation of MoU signed between this Regional Centre ECHS and hospitals It has been has been used seriously by Director RC ECHS.

(a) Food Charges are part of Room Package :-

(i)  Refer to para 20(c)of SOP online Billing  – Package rate shall mean and include lump sum cost of patient treatment / day care / diagnostic procedure for which a ECHS beneficiary has been permitted by the competent authority or for treatment under emergency from the time of admission to the time of discharge including (but not limited to) the  following.

(aa) Accommodation charge including patient’s diet.

(b) Issue of Medicines at the time of Discharge

(i)  Refer to Para 50 of Treatment Management of ECHS.    Empaneled hospitals will issue medicines upto seven days subject to value not being more than Rs 2000, after patient is discharged in IPD cases (Normal as well as emergency cases). Medicines beyond this will be issued by PCs Hospitals will write generic medicines.

3.         For strict compliance

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