No Disability Pension for Armed Forces on Retirement

impairment assessment board disability pension

MoD has modified the Rules of Entitlement for disabled soldiers.  The compensation on account of disability originated/aggravated during military service is generally compensated by the Defence with a little amount of pension which is known as disability pension. But now this has changed drastically.

Recently MoD has revised the existing ER & GMO 2008 with a new ER & GMO 2023.  According to the new ER 2023, soldiers on retirement are not entitled to get any kind of disability pension.  Disability pesion will be awarded only in case of medical invalidment and not for regular retirement or pre-mature retirement. Instead they will get only a relief which has been nomenclatured as “Impairment Relief”.  To know the entitlement and amount of Impairment relief, you may read the article available in this website or click here.

Now in this article we will read the procedure and other aspects of the Retention cum-Impairment Assessment Board.  

What is Retention cum Impairment Assessment Board ?

Retention cum Impairment Assessment Board. A Retention cum Impairment Assessment Board shall be held in respect of Armed Force personnel who are placed in Low MedicalCategory ‘For Life’ to decide on their retention/ invaliding out of service and the award of disability compensation. The following procedure shall be followed:-

Procedure of Retention cum Impairement Assessment Board

(i) Armed Forces Personnel whose medical condition is determined by a Reclassification Medical Board to have reached finality,or whose medical condition is subject to progressive deterioration or who have remained in permanent Low Medical Category over two re classification cycles or four years,whichever is earlier,shall be classified Low Medical Category (For Life).

(ii) Such personnel shall be considered either for invaliding or retention in service by a Retention cum Impairment Assessment Board.

(ii)  Personnel who are recommended for invalidded out of service shall be placed in SHAPE – 5 and assessed by the Competent Medical Authorities.

(iv}    Once their invalidation out of service is approved by the Competent Authority, they shall be considered for the award of Disability Pension, Liberalized Disability Pension,War Injury Pension or Invalid Pension,depending upon the Category of disability.

(v} Personnel who are recommended to be retained In Service despite a disability shall be considered by the Competent Authority for the same and if their retention is approved shall be issued a Retention In Service Order.

(vi)        On the authority of the Retention in Service Order the initial claim of such personnel shall be considered for the award of ‘Capitalized Impairment Relief, depending upon the Category of disability and subject to the degree of impairment being not less than 20 per cent and in case the same is forgone,Impairment Relief/liberalized Impairment Relief/WarInjury Relief may be admitted at the time of discharge/retirement based on this Retention In Service Order.

(vii)       Retention cum Impairment Assessment Board shall be held in any Service hospital commanded by a Brigadier or equivalent in other services.The Presiding Officer of the Board shall be the Commandant of the Service Hospital.

(vi ) The findings of a Retention cum Impairment Assessment Board shall be approved along the respective medical chain.However, it shall be confirmed only by the Major General (Medical) or equivalent in other services in the respective Command Headquarters. Retention cum Impairment Medical Board shall not be confirmed by the Areal Sub-Area Headquarters.

What is Impairment Relief in Indian Armed Forces ? Who are Eligible?

( x) Retention cum Impairment Assessment Board of officers of the rank of Colonel And above or equivalent other services will be held in a hospital outside their Area of Responsibility.

(x) Personnel whose claim 1s rejected on account of their impairment having been declared under Category ‘A’ (i.e he d neither attributable to nor aggravated by military service) or assessed less than 20 percent, may continue in service but shall not be eligible for any compensation for impairment

(x) Personnel placed in Low Medical Category (For Life) shall not be medically upgraded. The individual shall undergo Annual Medical Examination or Periodic Medical Board as applicable every year and shall be reta ned in the same medical classification, unless, based on specialist opinion a change in COPE (Army)/ SA (Navy)/ AG (Air Force) Code Is envisaged.

(xi ) Personnel whose Retention cum Impairment Assessment Board has been held shall render a certificate accepting that their medical classifications ‘For Life’ and no upgrading or change in assessment is applicable in respect  of that

impairment and no aggravation in respect of the instant medical condition can be claimed on account of their being retained in service.

(xiii) Where the award of Capitalized Impairment/ Liberalized Impairment/ War Injury Relief has been rejected by the Competent/ Appellate Authority. an individual 

may prefer an appeal to the Chairman Appellate Committee for First Appeal or Chairman Second Appellate Committee for Pension,as the case may be.

Impairment Relief : New term replaced the Disability Element for Soldiers
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