No Deduction on account of Commutation from Family Pension

It is well known that after the end of commutation deduction, your full pension is restored.  As of now, all pensioners who have received commutation, are liable to surrender their commuted portion of pension for 15 long years.  All retired persons keep this copy with the latest PPO and educate their spouse also. A case has been filed and a verdict of court also given in favour of the applicants not to recover the commuted portion of pension after 10 years and 8 months.  

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Here we will discuss the matter related to applicability of commutation restoration for family pensioners.  It must be noted that once an ESM has died, his family pension, as per entitled, is to be paid.  No deduction of the commuted portion should be deducted from the pension. Letter issued by the Pension authority  clarifies that if in case, the retired employee dies before the date of commutation of pension is restored ie 15 years, the commuted value of pension shall not be deducted from the Family Pension i.e. Family Pension shall be paid in full.  It’s an important letter which is reproduced below –

Commutation Deduction not more than 10 Years 8 Months : Ordered by High Court Applicable to all pensioners

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