New Steps on SPARSH : One Smart Card for all Benefits of Exservicemen

A meeting of KSB was held at New Delhi. The 31st Meeting of Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB) was held on 11 April 2023 at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi under the Chairmanship of Shri Rajnath Singh, Hon’ble Raksha Maritri. Related portion – Item No 5 of the agenda points discussed and decision taken on the subject i.e SPARSH Data management is reproduced below :-

SPARSH is the largest pension platform in Government and the pensioner base is expanding every year. SPARSH 2.0 will provide a Golden data set of verified clean, validated & integrated data set of pensioners to the citizen-facing organizations like RSB/ZSB. It was proposed to ieverage this data to provide various services to ESM. Some members brought out the challenges currently faced by ESM in their data verification/ modification through Record Offices as there is variance in procedures being followed.

Proposals on SPARSH Relates Issues

It was also brought out that while ESM are able to address SPARSH related issues through local Military Stations, they face lot of difficulty in non-military stations. It was apprised to members that providing SPARSH access facility to ZSBs through Common Service Centres (CSCs) would enhance the reach for early resolution of ESM issues. Also the long term goal will be to have a single Card for all ESM benefits. The following points were brought out by various members:-

(a)     Creation of a master data of the ESM is a welcome step. Such data must also be shared with the States so that targeted intervention of various welfare schemes at State level may be undertaken.

(b)     Veterans and Widows are facing major challenges related to SPARSH, especially in non-military stations. Additional efforts are needed to resolve the issues related to SPARSH, especial[y 1n non-military stations.

(c)   SPARSH should be more responsive. Grievances of  veterans should be given prompt reply and early resolution.

Decision on SPARSH Related Issues

SPARSH data is to be utilised for not only pension related issues but also as a central database of ESM with the Record offices, ECHS, CSD Canteen and .RSBs/ ZSBs, etc. Towards this the following should be progressed: –

State/UT Govts to liaise with the Common Service Centre network to set up SPARSH access facility in ZSBs. IT Infrastructure and manpower to be worked out by RSBs/ZSBs, CGDA to provide necessary training to ZSB staff and support for integration with CSCs.

Development of SPARSH 2.0 by CGDA to enable availability of  Golden data set of all ESM,

CGDA to plan site visits/ survey by M/s TCS to the nominated ZSBs/ RSBs to assess ZSB’s requirements for SPARSH 2.0

ECHS, CSD Canteen and RSB/ZSBs to be onboarded on the SPARSH system so as to provide access to relevant SPARSH data.

Progress towards a ‘One Nation – One Card’ for ESM for availing benefits of Central/ State Schemes, ECHS and CSD.

Action By. CGDA, DESW (KSB Sect( ECHS),  DDG Canteen Services, State/UT Grants.