CSD Smaer card latest rules

New Rules of CSD Smart Card 2023 : Must Follow by Exservicemen & Civ Pensioners

Ministry of Defence, Integrated HQ of MoD (Army) Quartermaster General’s Branch has issued an advisory regarding preparation of CSD Smart Card for Exservicemen/ Pensioners

Content of MoD letter No 95350/Q/DDGCS/Canteen Smart Cards dated 06 October 2022 is reproduced below.

1. Background : PPOs are required to be referred/ appended to all applications while applying/ re – applying for ESM CSD Smart Cards ESM of late, are not aware of the migration of the Pension Regime to SPARSH and they therefore continue to mention their ’Old PPO’ Numbers.

2. In view of the foregoing there is a mismatch in the records since the SPARSH PPO No is at variance with the ‘Old PPO’ No being quoted.

3. All URCs processing applications for issue / re – issue of CSD Smart Cards may therefore ensure and insist upon the ESM appending a copy of the e-PPO with all such applications with immediate effect.

Copy of the original letter issued by the MoD may be read from reliable sources.


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