New Disability Pension Rules 2023 Applicable to Existing Pensioners or Who Injured Before Sep 2023 ?

The Department of Ex Servicemen Welfare, Ministry of Defence has clarified in their FAQ published in their official website regarding applications of the New casualty Pensionary award and Disability pension Entitlement Rules 2023.  

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According to the Ministry, there  are no policy or entitlement related changes in this ER and the same has been revised/ updated keeping in view the provisions as laid down in Base MoD letter on the subject dated 31.01.2001, aimed to streamline the procedure followed for assessment and entitlement without any ambiguity to avoid litigation. The same will be applicable in case of death and disability reported/ recorded after 21.09.2023

In the FAQ published by DESW in their official website has clarified that the old pensioners who are already receiving pension before 21.09.2023 will be effected by this change of Rules.

On 10 Oct 2023, a clarification has been released by IHQ Medical Branch that the disability or death occured before 21 Sep 2023 will not be covered under the New GMO & ER 2023.

Nowlets seee it in details. You want to know if the changes made in this Entitlement Rule will affect the existing pensioners / family pensioners/invalid pensioners/disability pensioners or otherwise.  In this context, we should follow the FAQ published in the official website of the DESW and the relevant Question and its answer is here – 

Question 3. Do ER and GMO, 2023 affect family pensioners/ veterans already in receipt of Death/ Disability Compensation?

Answer 3. No. ER and GMO, 2023 do not in any way affect past Pensioners/ Family Pensioners already in receipt of death/ disability compensation/ Family Pension.

So, it is clear from this  ER that this Rule has no effect on past pensioners who have been discharged/retired before 21 September 2023.

You may read the complete FAQ of the ER 2023 which may be helpful to you.

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