Important Advisory for Every Ex-serviceman : by Veterans Directorate

Some useful actions for every ex-serviceman as suggested by Veterans Dte is here. For a pensioner Correct documentation is the most important aspect.  Wrong document may push you and your family into trouble. So we need to check our documentation and steps required to be taken well in advance to make everything fine. Here is a lost of such a comprehensive and authentic checking points which is taken from the official website of Indian Army Veterans Directorate.

Must do actions for Every Ex-serviceman advised by Veterans Directorate

Has the particulars of NoK/Spouse been correctly notified in the PPO (Name, date of birth and relation) ?

Is the ESM any gallantry or distinguished Awardee? Has it been notified in the PPO? Is the gallantry award monetary allowance been granted to the ESM/NoK? Has the State Govt recognized the Award in terms of monetary or allotment of land?

Has the ESM opened a joint pension account with his NoK?

Has the Part II Order of all children been published with correct name and date of birth?

In case of Death/Divorce of First Wife and subsequent re-marriage, has the Part II order been published and notified in the PPO?

Is the family getting liberalized/special/ordinary family pension as per the authorization?

Is the NoK getting enhanced rate of pension up to 10 yrs in case of death in harness and 07 yrs or 67 yrs in case of death after retirement?

In case of death after retirement, has the NoK claimed the Extended Insurance (EI) from AGIF?

If death of husband has been classified as Battle Casualty (BC), is children education grant being claimed  from CW-3? ( NoK be counseled that her children should study in   best possible schools as the complete expenses are paid for by the Govt )

If death of husband has been classified as Physical Casualty (PC), is children education grant being claimed from ZSB and DIAV?

Is the pensioner including the NoK above 80 yrs of age getting additional pension (20% on attaining 80yrs, 30% on 85 yrs, 40% on 90yrs, 50% of 95 yrs and 100% on attaining 100 yrs of age)?

Has the pensioner declared his nominee in the bank acct and Nominee for LTA?

In case of two pensions earned by the ESM, is the NoK getting the Dual Family Pension?

Has the OROP been correctly implemented by the PDA/Bank?

Does the pensioner/war widows availing all facilities/assistance being provided by the KSB/RSB/ZSB/AG/AWWA?

Is there any orphan child in ESM family? Is the child getting all entitlements?

Is there any blind pensioner/NoK/child? Has the grant been claimed from KSB?

On the death of ESM, has the NoK claimed the ADLRS from the CSD and demise grant from ZSB/Records?

Has the primary membership of CSD/ECHS/ESM cards been changed on demise of pensioner?

In case of death in harness, has the NoK claimed financial benefits for eligible children for ongoing/higher studies and daughter marriage?

Is the son of deceased ESM eligible for recruitment /employment in Def Forces?

Is the widow/NoK eligible and willing for employment/job? In case of death in harness, has the unit taken up case with line Dte for compassionate employment for the NoK (if eligible)?

Has the WILL, if any, of the deceased ESM been executed legally and correctly?

Is there any ongoing financial dispute with the in-laws or related to property?

In case of ongoing divorce proceedings, is the wife getting maint allce? (Lady to be advised to claim for maint allce pending finalization of divorce)

In case the husband has divorced / remarried without consent of first wife, has any legal action been taken by the lady?

Has the widow (aged above 65 yrs) of a non-pensioner (upto Hav rk) got adequate source of income to look after herself and her children? (If not, she may be advised to claim monthly Penury grant from KSB)

In case of death in harness, has the NoK/widow applied for retention of govt married accn to local Sth HQ?

In case of an ongoing marital discord, has the lady got her ECHS and CSD smart card with her? (If not, she should be advised to imdt contact Col Vet/Stn HQ to get the same made for herself and the eligible dependents at the earliest)

Has the pensioner got any handicapped child? If so, then has the child’s Pt II order been published and case processed for notification in PPO?

Has the case been taken up for grant of pension to handicapped child after the death of pensioner/spouse?

Has a Guardian been nominated and a bank acct opened in the name of the handicapped child under guardianship?

Is there any widowed/unmarried/divorced daughter of pensioner in ESM family? If so, has the Pt II order been pub for dependency and ECHS card made?

In case of death in harness due to accident/terrorist action, has the NoK claimed Pers Accident Insurance (PAI) from the bank within the stipulated period of 180 days?

Has the NoK deposited the pensioners ESM iden card with ZSB and applied for widow iden card?

Has the NoK transferred the fwg on her name after demise of ESM:-


FDs incl all fin investments.

Car/two wheeler (through RTO)

Pvt wpn, if any (NoK be advised to deposit the same with local police stn for safe custody)

Tele and electricity connection.


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