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A Real Fact of SPARSH Migration : Check now

Ex Hav Kartar Singh received a msg on his mobile phone yesterday regarding SPARSH.  “According to instructions of PCDA Pension, Prayagraj your pension has been transferred from Bank to SPARSH.”   So, you will now get your  pension directly from SPARSHand not from Bank.

You must be confused that how is it possible to get your pension without Bank ?  I just want to clear your doubt now by comparing the old system and the new system of pension.

Old System of Pension : Once a pensioner retired from Army/Navy or Air Force, his PPO prepared by PCDA (Prayagraj) and forwarded to CPPC of the Concerned Bank from where you desired to draw pension and they further instruct your Bank Branch concerned for disbursement of monthly pension, maintain records, payment of DCRG, Commutation, Leave Encashment and other terminal benefit amount etc. In case of any problem or revision of pension due to DR increase, Pay commission revision or any kind of change in pension you need to contact the Bank.  Life certificate was required to submit in the bank/DLC.

New System of Pension named SPARSH :  Once a pensioner retires from Army/Navy or Air Force, his PPO is prepared by PCDA (Prayagraj) and not forwarded anywhere. PCDA  credits the monthly pension directly to your Bank account including  payment of DCRG, Commutation, Leave Encashment and other terminal benefit amount etc. In case of any problem or revision of pension due to DR increase, Pay commission revision or any kind of change, update pension or personal data, you need to contact SPARSH PCDA (P) Prayagraj only.  Your grievance will not be entertained by the bank.   Your bank account is now treated as a savings account.  In the eyes of the Bank you have a savings account as a common Bank.  Life certificate is now required to be submitted to PCDA  via SPARSH/DLC / MLC.

Why did earlier Banks pay pensions and now change ?

Bank was earlier acting as an agent/disbursing agent on behalf of the PCDA to disburse pension.  Bank charges a certain amount/ commission to pay the pension per pensioner.  It was a huge amount remitted by PCDA to the bank as Commission for paying the amount.  PCDA used to pay a consolidated amount every month for pension payment to the bank.

But now, after the introduction of SPARSH, PCDA need not pay any commission to the Bank for pension payment.  They are just transferring money through NEFT as we send money to our friends and relatives. 

What Action I need to take after getting msg from SPARSH ?

Once you receive a msg from SPARSH, you need to read it carefully.  The first msg is just for intimation which contains no Password.  It informs you that your pension has now been migrated from Bnnk to SPARSH and you will receive the user ID and Password soon.

After a few days, iot may take upto 1 or 2 months some time, you will receive your User /Log in ID  and Password. Now after receiving the password, you should follow the action steps below 👍

Step – I –  You need to login to the official website of SPARSH Portal and login using User ID and Password.  You may use your Mobile phone or PC whichever is suitable.   After First login, must change password.  Your password should consist One capital letter, one digit, one sign and remaining alphabets which total not less than 8 characters.  Link of SPARSH Web portal is given at the end of the steps.  

Step – 2  After changing the Password, logout and again login.  Now submit a declaration – click on Next – Next. If you are reemployed then need to upload a certificate from your present employer regarding  non receipt of pay fixation. Either , if selected Yes, DR on pension may be stopped.  In this disregard you may follow the article below :- 

Step -3 –  If your identification / Life certificate is due, just complete it using MLC / DLC process.  You should read the article below to know more about MLC/DLC life certificate process in SPARSH

How to Login SPARSH with Life Certificate Submission Process for Defence Pensioners

Now you are done.  Many more things are there to do in the SPARSH Portal.  Just stay with the SPARSH Portal screen and try to navigate the options that can be done in SPARSH.

SPARSH Portal –

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