Most Important News for Exservicemen

Most Important News for Exservicemen

Armed Forces pensioners are getting paid from PCDA (P) Allahabad through SPARSH or Bank/PDAs. Here are some special information which need to know to all. MoD has published this information through Sainik Samachar Magazine which is reproduced below :-

This information is related to Rules and regulations for pension which is entitled after passing away of a Soldier/exserviceman. Nobody knows the destiny , so, we everybody should be aware of these rules and take action accordingly.

Analysis on Response of MoD on demands of ESM Associations

Pension will be paid to the wife of a Pensioner only if her name and Date of Birth is mentioned in PPO and is matching with her name and Date of Birth in Bank account.

If wife’s Name and Date of Birth (DOB) in the PPO is matching with her name and Date of Birth in Bank account then there is no problem. The original PPO can be continued for wife also. There is no requirement of a separate PPO for the wife. She has to submit the death certificate of her husband in the bank along with her Aadhar Card, PAN card, etc. to get pension. In a normal course, it will get credited within one or two months.

The wife’s Name and DOB have to match in following four documents:

(1) Pension Payment Order.

(ii) Pension Bank Account. (Joint Account)

(iii) Wife’s Adhaar Card.

(iv) Wife’s PAN Card

If the wife’s name is not mentioned in PPO, then she will not get pension immediately after death of Ex-Servicemen. In that case, She has to submit their marriage certificate, give notification in two National news papers, get an affidavit signed by a First class magistrate, etc and then send all the documents to Records through Sainik Welfare Office. Records will then scrutinize and send the documents to PCDA Allahabad. PCDA will issue Corrigendum PPO sanctioning the family pension. It will take at least one year for getting Corrigendum PPO. Thereafter, she has to go to bank and submit all documents to get her pension. The whole process will take atleast one year after submission of all the documents correctly.

Wife may also face a problem in getting pension if her name and Date of birth is not matching properly with any of the above four documents.

So, what should an Ex-Serviceman do?? An Ex-Serviceman has to take the following actions when he is alive. Otherwise, the wife may have tremendous problem in getting the pension after death of the Ex-Serviceman.

Ex-Serviceman should get the name and date of birth of his wife notified correctly in Pension Payment Order. It is called ” Joint Notification of Pension”.

Ex-Servicemen who have retired before 1986 should get joint notification of Pension on wife’s name even though her name is mentioned in PPO. These are Government of India Orders. So, don’t neglect and don’t question. The forms are available in Sainik Welfare Office and please apply immediately. Otherwise, wife will not get pension after the death of Ex-Serviceman.

If the wife’s name in PPO is not matching with the name in Bank account, Aadhar and PAN card, then Ex-Serviceman has to apply to Record Office through Sainik Welfare Office for change of name of wife in PPO. Some records ask for a Gazette while others may ask for an Affidavit signed by a First Class Judicial Magistrate. It will take at least six months for change of name of wife in PPO. So, take action immediately.

If the name of wife in Aadhar or PAN card is different, then get them corrected before applying for change of name in PPO. Please go to Aadhar centre or concerned Government office and apply. It will be rectified in two or three weeks. Thereafter, apply to Record Office through Sainik Welfare Office for change of name of wife in PPO. Change of name of wife in PPO will take at least 6 months. So, do not delay.

If the pension Bank account is a Joint account, then the pension for wife will be credited to the same account after death of an ex-serviceman. She need not open another single account. Some Branch managers insist on opening another single account. Govt of India and RBI have already instructed Banks not to force a widow to open a separate Single Account on her name in the same branch and Bank if the pension account is a joint account and name of wife in Bank account and PPO are matching.

However, if the Pension account is not a Joint account, then she has to open a separate single account in the same branch and it may take at least 6 months or one year for the family pension to start. So, convert your pension account into a Joint account immediately with your wife.

So, please take the following actions immediately to avoid difficulty to your wife:

Check your wife’s name in PPO, Bank account, Aadhar Card and PAN Card. The name in all documents should be same. If not take action as explained above.

Check your wife’s date of birth in PPO, Bank account, Aadhar Card and PAN Card. It should be same in all documents. If not take action as explained above.

Pension account should be a joint account with your wife. If not convert it into a joint account.

Please Keep your Original & Corrigendum PPO (if issued) safe. It is the most important documents for getting family pension. Make two or three Xerox copies and keep it at different places.

If you are getting pension through SPARSH, newly introduced defence pension system, then communicate SPARSH User ID & Password to your wife.

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