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exserviceman family action steps

Humans have a finite lifespan means one day we all have to leave this beautiful world. Despite advancements in medicine and technology, no one lives forever. The average life expectancy varies across countries and regions, influenced by factors such as healthcare, nutrition, lifestyle, and genetics. After all when we are at old age, we must educate our family about the actions what to do to avail the pensionary benefits and other aspects when we will no more be at this world

After you: What should the widow of an ex-serviceman (husband) do after his death?

Step-1: Medical Certificate. Two copies of “Medical Certificate” should be obtained from a registered doctor or hospital, stating the exact cause of death.

(a) In case of natural death, keep one photocopy of the same, the other to the cremation office.

(b) In case of unnatural death, (accidental or suicide), keep copies of FIR copy, police report, postmortem report, etc. in addition to medical certificate.

Step-2: Cremation. Decide where and when the cremation will take place and inform the relatives.

Note: Inform AF Stn. If the Air Veteran is cremated within 25km of any AF Stn or within the city limits, inform the Station Commander/Chief Administration Officer/Duty Officer/Orderly Officer at the Air Force Station about the news of his death and where and when the cremation will take place. AF will send teams to honor the deceased airman with wreaths. However all Army / Navy /AF veterans families may Report your nearest Station HQ for help and support.

Read This matter in the website in hindi as link below :-

Step-3: Complete the funeral. Complete cremation by submitting one copy of Original Medical Certificate to cremation/burial ground.

Step-4: Death Certificate. Within 15 days of the death, apply for a death certificate at the Birth & Death Registration Office.

Note-1: Extra Death Certificate. If the death certificate does not have QR code/barcode, then at least 10/15 extra, original, signed death certificates should be obtained from the registration office on payment and get it attested by a gazetted officer or secretary of Sainik Board. Later DC copies will be given in many places.

Note-2: Digital Death Certificate. If QR/barcode and website name is written on death certificate, then extra copy is not required. Download copies as needed later. No need to attest. Various offices, as required, can verify this death certificate online.

Step-5: Apply to bank for stopping pension of ESM. For this, a personal application from the bank where the ESM used to receive pension, copy of PPO, bank pass book of pension account and death certificate of ESM (original QR code provided or death certificate attested by officer), Aadhaar of widow or depositor. Submit the copy of the card to the bank.

Note: If ESM was receiving pension from SPARSH, stop pension by uploading death certificate on Sparsh website.

Step-6: Widow, apply to the bank to start your family pension.

If ESM has JN-PPO, (means if wife’s name is written in PPO) and pension bank account is joint with wife, then bank can start widow’s family pension. For this JN-PPO copy, bank passbook, two passport size photographs of widow, copy of death certificate, copy of widow’s Aadhaar and PAN card should be deposited in the bank. To start pension for the first time, the widow has to submit the life certificate to the bank herself.

Note-1: The bank will make the joint pension account of the wife with the deceased ESM into a single account in the name of the widow and start the widow’s family pension in the single account.

Note-2: The widow will nominate someone in the single pension account, so that the money remaining in the account can be withdrawn in the absence of the widow. For this FORM-A has to be deposited in the bank.

Note-3: If any money is deposited for pension towards ESM even after death, do not withdraw money from that account till widow’s family pension starts.

Note-4 : In case of JN-PPO, PPO is not issued separately in the name of widow. Widow will get lifetime pension in PPO of ESM. That JN-PPO copy should be deposited in the bank.

Note-5: If the pension account is not joint, then a single account in the name of the widow should be opened in that bank and an application should be made to the bank for giving pension in it. Form-14 should be filled, signed by two witnesses and submitted to the bank. FORM-14 is available at the bank.

Note-6: If the bank is unable to start the widow’s pension, then find out the reason and take action accordingly. A separate message will be given for this.

Note-7: If the pension has been transferred to SPARSH, then apply online to SPARSH for family pension.

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