Most Important Aspects of SPARSH : Must Know for Defence Persons

What is the full form SPARSH ?
SPARSH – System for Pension Administration (Raksha)

Why SPARSH has been introduced in Defence Pension ?

The want for SPARSH has been felt to obviate and address the cutting-edge challenges within the pension sanctioning and disbursement process including Decentralized answer present in silos, Manual intervention in processing, Lack of Centralized statistics for addressing pensioner queries and so on. SPARSH will encompass all of the processes and functionalities wanted inside the Pension processing life cycle i.E. Initiation to Disbursement facilitated via a Single source of Truth.

Various Modules of SPARSH : Functional aspects in Pension Disbursement

  • Initiation and Sanction
  • Pension Computation and Revision
  • Pensioner Identification
  • Pension Disbursement
  • Budgeting
  • Accounting & Reconciliation
  • Reporting
  • Audit & Control
  • User Management and Adminstration
  • Master Data Management
  • MIS and Dashboards
  • Legal Case Management
  • Dak Management

Benefits  of SPARSH for Defence Pensioners :

Timely and correct payment to the pensioners
Accurate and real time status of pension budget
Multiple channels for pensioners to avail different departmental services

Utility Platforms to access SPARSH system Effectively

  • Portal
    • Mobile App
    • Service Centres
  • Call Centre

Structured and SLA based grievance redressal mechanism With an objective of eliminating the very cause of grievances over a period of time.

If a pension is illeterate or very less educated, can he access SPARSH ?

36 Service centres have been established throughout the country. Those who can not use internet or smart phone can approach any one service centre.

What about them who do not have reeived user ID and password till date ?

Kindly lodge a grievance to the SPARSH visiting official website of PCDA and inform them about non receipt of SPARSH user ID.


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