Military Ranks after Retirement from Service : The Govt Rules

The rules use of Military Ranks after Retirement from Service is well defined. In this article we will discuss about the latest rule of use of military ranks after retirement. The members of Indian Armed Forces served the nation with their extreme courage and sacrifice. Their contribution to the nation is unforgettable. The Officers, JCOs and other ranks served the nation while in service with dedication and patriotism without any fear of death.

Stay away from family and serving in hostile and hard terrain in adverse climatic condition is a great sacrifice for our nation. Such veterans must be honoured with proper salutation during their service and after their release from the armed forces.  Pension and other terminal benefits awarded to them is a sign of honour, no doubt.

Only money can not give satisfaction and feeling of being honoured. So, they must be honoured with use of their pride rank after retirement.  Some discrepancies have been reported by various ex-serviceman forum in this matter. However we must know the actual position that depicts the matter.

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We know that following ategories of officers /personnel retires from the Regular Armed forces :
          Categories of Combatants of  Indian Army, Navy & Air Force :

                   Commissioned Officer
                   Junior Commissioned Officcers
                   Non Commissioned Officers
                   Rank and File (Below NCO ranks)      

ESM Info Club provides authenticated information regarding veterans welfare and policy matters as and when issued by Govt of India, Ministry of defencce and other govt bodies. Now we will let you know about the use of military ranks after retirement from Armed Forces.  You might have noticed that people used to mention with their name that Ex Hav Falana Singh.  But do you know this is correct or not ? Rank never retires. Officers very often write their name as Lt Col Retd Ram Singh which is also not as per instructions provided by Govt of India.

  The rules of use of military ranks was reviewed on 27th July 1983. According to the instructions provided in this letter only following categories officers/personnel  may use Ranks after retirement :

(a)      Retired officers who were served as permanent commissioned officers in the Regular Armed Forces and retired with pension and gratuity.  Such officers may mention their honorary ranks and awards after their name such as Brig (Hony Maj Gen) (PVSM) ABC Singh (Retd).

(b)     JCOs granted Honorary Commissioned Officers retired after earning Pension and gratuity. Such as Sub Maj (Hony Capt.) Kartar Singh (Retd).

(c)  NCOs Granted Hony Ranks may mention their rank as Hony Nb Sub Ram Singh (Retd).

No instructions have been provided in the letter dt 27 July 1983 about use of ranks by retired JCOs/NCOs who retires without any honorary ranks.

For detailed information kindly Click here  to read the letter issued by Ministry of Defence in this matter.


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