Migrate to SPARSH ? Must Note these Points for Smooth Pension Payment

Migrate to SPARSH ? Must Note these Points for Smooth Pension Payment

Migration to SPARSH is an automated process which has no control of the user i.e Defence Pensioners.   30 Lakh pensioners have already been migrated to SPARSH  Pension system as on the last week of December and remaining will be migrated soon.  The process of migration is totally controlled by MoD , CGDA/PCDA   and their subsidiary offices.

Once your pension system has been migrated to SPARSH, you should  follow the steps as mentioned below in this article.

 On migration to SPARSH, Firstly, your Pension Account bank will send an SMS and Email on registered mobile number and Email ID to intimate, “you have been transferred to SPARSH.”   Then within a month, SPARSH will send an SMS and Email (if Mobile Number and Email ID available) and intimate you, your New PPO No, User ID and Password.

Using your present credential (user ID and Password, just  Log In to SPARSH Portal, on PC or Mobile Phone.  Details of the website is here –     www.sparshdefencepension.gov.in

After first time login, change the SPARSH Password by your new password and note down User ID and your Password for future Log in in your safe diary.    After that you can access your new SPARSH PPO. Download the SPARSH PPO and take a print our and if possible make a laminated copy of the same. From now on, this is your current PPO which need to be produce everywhere.

Now check Due date for Identification/ Lie Certificate, written on your Pay Slip. This is your Life certificate due date. If due, submit Life Certificate, else your pension may stop. You may submit LC through Jeevan Pramaan website, using biometrics.

On SPARSH Portal you may check up if any data pertaining to you and your spouse is incorrect or missing. If so, use EDIT button to fill up correct data and submit a request. If required, upload supporting documents such as Part-II Order, Adhaar Card etc.

When you submit a request in SPARSH, a Token Number will be generated. Note down it for tracking your request. It has been seen that SPARSH takes so long to take action on your request which is totally unjustified.  Don’t be worried.  One day it will be OK.

SPARSH will verify your request with Record Office and update your SPARSH profile and PPO with 4-6 days as per  team SPARSH. Then it will intimate you by SMS.

Remember, your correct data must be available in your Records office. If not, then first you have to get it corrected in Records. You may apply through ZSB for correction or endorsement in Service Records.

After that you must Nominate your child or someone as your LTA NOMINEE. This will enable that person to withdraw the amount from your pension account, which was due to you, but got credited only after your death. 

SPARSH Pension is credited always on the Last Day of each month.

Many of you are very worried and asking in social media , ‘how to get transferred to SPARSH’. Please note,  you, or ZSB concerned or Record Office or Bank Branch, CAN NOT TRANSFER YOU TO SPARSH. This transfer is done by the CPPC office (Bank’s Regional Head office from where pension is disbursed) and PCDA SPARSH / CGDA office.

There is NO RELATION between SPARSH and OROP arrear. If you are getting pension from Bank system then CPPC suppose to calculate and give you OROP -2/3/4 arrears. If transferred to SPARSH, then SPARSH SYSTEM will calculate and credit your arrears. It’s INCORRECT to believe that “to get OROP ARREARS you have to get transferred to SPARSH first.”

If you have any problem with SPARSH, please visit any SPARSH Service centers. Names of such help centres in our areas were given in this website.  To know more about SPARSH- You may Join our SPARSH WhatsApp Channel on Link below

Defence Ministry Established SPARSH Service Centre in 36 Cities of India : Now at your nearby bank also


Please DO NOT VISIT ZSB for SPARSH related problems as they DO NOT HAVE User ID and Password to access SPARSH Portal to resolve your problems.   So, for solution of any SPARSH related issue, you should visit to your nearest SPARSH Service Centre.

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