Manual Life Certificate Upload Process in SPARSH Portal 2023

Life certificate for all Defence and Civil Pensioners must be submitted once in a year.  All defence pensioners are being migrated to SPARSH system by PCDA Allahabad and such SPARSH migrated pensioners need to submit DLC (Digital Life Certificate) or MLC (Manual Life Certificate) any one may be opted . 

Once you have received the user ID and Password for login to SPARSH, you are now obliged to sumit your life certificate and thereby complete annual identification.  Following steps for identification by pensioner through MLC  (manual process of Life Certificate) to be followed

As per information published in Veterans Directorate following measures to be taken by all pensioners:-

All pensioners must complete Annual Identification in order to continue receipt of monthly pension. Following steps needs to be taken in SPARSH Website for Annual Identification after retirement:-

Step -1    Open the website of SPARSH in your LAPTOP or PC which must have internet connection.  Link provided below.


Step – 2     Log into the portal account using your credentials.

Step – 3        Click on the “Identification” menu available in the left panel of thepage.

Step – 4          Click on “Generate MLC Number” to download a blank MLC form. A PDF file of ‘Life Certificate’ will get generated.

Step – 5          Click on “Initiate Request” to initiate the Identification request. One grid will be displayed with the status of the request as “Saved”.

Step – 6          Take the print out of the PDF file, fill the requisite details and get in

signed by a Competent Authority (Class-1 Gazetted Officer) along with the Official Seal.

Step – 7          Access the “Identification Service Request” and upload the signed Life Certificate.

Step – 8          Complete all other declarations and finally submit the request.

The above steps can be accessed only after sanction of PPO and after retirement.

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