Make Safer an ESM Family with Future Readyness

Make Safer an ESM Family with Future Readyness

After the death of ex-serviceman (husband), what should the widow do

A detailed guidelines for ESM and their Family members circulated in the appropriate forum by Veterans.

After the death of a retired soldier, I am presenting to you what his widow has to do. You will also present to your wife. No one would take it any other way.

Step-1: Medical Certificate. Two copies of “Medical Certificate” should be obtained from a registered doctor or hospital, stating the exact cause of death.

(a) In case of natural death, keep one photocopy of the same, the other to the cremation office.
(b) In case of unnatural death, (accidental or suicide), keep copies of FIR copy, police report, postmortem report, etc. in addition to medical certificate.

 Step-2: Cremation. Decide where and when the cremation will take place and inform the relatives.

NOTE: Inform AF Stn. If the Air Veteran is cremated within 25km of any AF Stn or within the city limits, inform the Station Commander/Chief Administration Officer/Duty Officer/Orderly Officer at the Air Force Station about the news of his death and where and when the cremation will take place. AF will send teams to honor the deceased airman with wreaths.
Step-3: Complete the funeral. Complete cremation by submitting one copy of Original Medical Certificate to cremation/burial ground.
Step-4: Death Certificate. Within 15 days of the death, apply for a death certificate at the Birth & Death Registration Office.
 NOTE-1: Extra Death Certificate. If the death certificate does not have QR code/barcode, then at least 10/15 extra, original, signed death certificates should be obtained from the registration office on payment and get it attested by a gazetted officer or secretary of Sainik Board. Later DC copies will be given in many places.
 Note-2: Digital Death Certificate. If QR/barcode and website name is written on death certificate, then extra copy is not required. Download copies as needed later. No need to attest. Various offices, as required, can verify this death certificate online.
 Step-5: Apply to bank for stopping pension of ESM. For this, a personal application from the bank where the ESM used to receive pension, copy of PPO, bank pass book of pension account and death certificate of ESM (original QR code provided or death certificate attested by officer), Aadhaar of widow or depositor. Submit the copy of the card to the bank.
 NOTE: If ESM was getting pension from SPARSH, stop pension by uploading death certificate on Sparsh website.
Step-6: Widow, apply to the bank to start your family pension.
 If ESM has JN-PPO, (means if wife's name is written in PPO) and pension bank account is joint with wife, then bank can start widow's family pension. For this JN-PPO copy, bank passbook, two passport size photographs of widow, copy of death certificate, copy of widow's Aadhaar and PAN card should be deposited in the bank. To start pension for the first time, the widow has to submit the life certificate to the bank herself.
 NOTE-1: The bank will convert the joint pension account of the wife with the deceased ESM into a single account in the name of the widow and start the widow's family pension in the single account.
NOTE-2: The widow will nominate someone in that single pension account, so that the money remaining in that account can be withdrawn in the absence of the widow. For this FORM-A has to be deposited in the bank.
 NOTE-3: If any money is deposited for pension towards ESM even after death, then do not withdraw money from that account till widow's family pension starts.
 NOTE-4 : If there is JN-PPO, then PPO is not given separately in the name of widow. In ESM's PPO, the widow will get lifetime pension. That JN-PPO copy should be deposited in the bank.
  NOTE-5: If the pension account is not joint, then a single account in the name of the widow should be opened in that bank and an application should be made to the bank for giving pension in it. Form-14 should be filled, signed by two witnesses and submitted to the bank. FORM-14 is available at the bank.

 Second Part:

 Step-7: Widow I Card. Apply for "Widow's Identity Card" at District Sainik Board. First online then offline form fill up and submit the folder.
 Note-1: If the ESM has an I Card, it should be returned to the ZSB.
 Note-2: If the Dependent I Card in the name of the wife has been issued earlier by the Sainik Board, that too should be returned to the widow and the Widow I Card should be taken.
 Note-3: Even if ESM's I-Card was not issued earlier, the widow will be issued her new I-Card.
 Step-8:- Donation for smooth cremation.  After the death of former Army, Navy and Air Force veteran, money is available for his cremation. Army, Navy and Air Force have different procedures for this. Apply as per the process.
 Note-1: Army Widows will get Rs.10,000/- from Canteen and another Rs.7000/- from Army Barrackpore or other Station Headquarters or Bengal Sub Area. For this you have to apply directly to the Army veteran cell office and canteen office.
Note-2: Navy widows will get Rs.30000 from INBA. For this application should be made through CRSO office of Navy.
 Note-3: Air Force widows will get 10,000/- from SI office of nearest AF Stn or directly from IAFBA, Delhi.
Note-4: Besides, Army widows can get one-time 20,000-50,000 rupees from the fund of the regiment. For this you have to apply separately through Sainik Board.
 Note-5: Air Force widows can get ₹1300-2500/- per month for eight years through Family Assistance Scheme (FAS) from IAFBA. Those who have retRed long ago, can also get one time ₹10-20,000/-. For this application should be made to IAFBA office through Sainik Board.
 The application process and form for different grants are different. A message has been/will be sent in this regard.
 Step-9:- To get Army Extended Group Insurance/Air Force or Navy Group Insurance, the application form should be sent to Army/Navy/Airforce Group Insurance Fund office through District Sainik Board. One copy of insurance certificate, death certificate, PPO, discharge book, aadhaar card, PAN card, original insurance certificate, token, copy of bank pass book, etc. should be attested by ZSB and sent to AGI/NGI/AFGIS office through Sainik Board.
 Then the insurance money from that office will be directly deposited in the widow's bank account. Remember, the death of ESM must be reported to the record office first. The record office will send a home death notification letter to the insurance office. Only then the insurance office will pass your claim.
Step-10: Widows of Army, Navy and Air Force shall apply through the Soldiers' Board for the financial grants they can get from their respective services for their education and the education of their children.
Step-11:- ECHS Card: If there is an ECHS 64KB (Medical) card in the name of ESM, then the card has to be blocked by visiting the ECHS website. Or, that ECHS card should be submitted to the ECHS Cell Office of Army Stn HQ, Bengal Sub Area or Barrackpore. The card will be blocked. Take the receipt of depositing the card.
 Step-12: Canteen Card: Then the widow will apply for her two CSD cards (Grocery and Liquor) at the canteen from which the ESM used to collect Liquor/Grocery. For this, submit the Death Certificate, Original Station Army Order, PPO, Discharge Book, Aadhaar Card, Pan Card etc. at the canteen office. When the widow's new canteen card arrives, two CSD cards of ESM should be submitted to the Canteen office and the widow's new CSD card should be taken. Until the widow's card arrives, you can buy items from the canteen with the ESM card.
 Step-13:- If any ESM I Card is issued by Service Head Quarters or Station Head Quarters, it should be submitted to the nearest Military Office.
 Step-14: If widows want to apply, and are eligible, then come with an application form at Army Station Head Quarters or Bengal Sub Area Office or Navy CRSO Office or Air Force Station. They will inform you if there is a vacancy.
 Part III:
Step-15: After that, in the bank and post office where the previous soldier's account and fixed deposit etc. were, they should be closed and the money should be deposited in the name of the nominee.
Step-16: Inform the Income Tax office about the death of the ESM with the PAN number of the ESM and the death certificate and surrender the PAN after four years.
Step-17: Claim for any other insurance (like LIC) if done.
Step-18: Apply for transfer of scooter/bike or car registered in the name of ESM at RTO office and deposit the same if ESM has driving license.
Step-19: If there is a gun license and any firearms in the name of ESM, an application should be made to the District Magistrate office for change of ownership. Until the arm license is obtained after the change of ownership, the weapon must be deposited at the local police station.

Step-20: Apply for registration of your flat or house and change of ownership of electric meter of the house. If joint registration with spouse is not done, then Legal Heir Certificate, transfer of ownership of property should be obtained from SDO office.
 Step-21: Also, apply for change of ownership of whatever was in sole name of husband or ex-serviceman.
Step-22: If the ex-serviceman has left a will, it should be executed.
Step-23: If the ex-serviceman has any loans or borrowings, arrangements should be made to repay them.
 Step-24: If there is any court case or police case in the name of ex-serviceman, the death certificate should be submitted there.
Step-25: If money has been deducted in PMJJBY scheme, then you have to go to the bank or post office to make an insurance claim.
Step-26: Go to the local election office and submit the death certificate and Form-7 application to delete the name from the voter list.
Step-27: Block biometric authentication of Aadhaar card by going to Aadhaar website. As a result, no one can make fraudulent use of Aadhaar card.
Step-28: If the ex-serviceman has served in any other organization after defense service, apply for service pension and other grants.
Special appeal: It is sicere appeal to every ex-serviceman, make an action check list of your own. here are some points . But, detail instructions should be written according to each individual's needs, shown and explained to the wife and adult children. Along with this, all the necessary documents should be kept carefully and the wife should know where they are kept.  If the ESM has written a checklist of what to do for the wife after her death, it will be much easier for the newly widowed to take action as per the checklist.
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