Life Certificate Form pdf Download and Signing Authority

Submission of Annual Life Certificate is mandatory for continuance of monthly pension. Most of the Defence Pensioners have now been migrated to SPARSH and over 30 Lakh pensioners can now submit Life Certificate directly to the SPARSH Portal. You must submit your life certificate by 30 Nov 2023.

Despite concerted efforts by all the stakeholders, Veterans are not aware of the importance of life certificates. Every year a large many number of pensioners failed to submit Life Certificate which may hamper remittance of monthly pension.

The procedure for submission of life certificate is as under :-
(a) Jeevan Pramaan Portal (JPP). JPP is the best suited platform to submit
Digital Life Certificate (DLC) in respect of Aadhaar seeded PPOs. However, DLC should be submitted as a ‘New Pensioner’ otherwise system picks up old values like PPO No, PDA etc on punching of mob No due to which the same cannot be exported to SPARSH. The values in various dropdowns should be selected as under :-

(i) Category : Central Govt.
(ii) Pension Sanctioning Authority : Defence-PCDA(P) Allahabad.
(iii) Pension Disbursing Agency : SPARSH-PCDA(P) Allahabad.
(iv) PPO No. Only 12 digit ePPO or SPARSH PPO No to be punched. If
the same is not available with the pensioner due to any reason, mechanism is available on PCDA(P) Portal ( in the tab ‘Migration into SPARSH’. Search by Regimental No is convenient option, however,
zero to be added in beginning to seven digits Army Nos.

(b) Manual Life Cert. In case Aadhaar is not available in SPARSH PPO, DLC
through JPP will not be feasible. In such cases, manual life certificate can be uploaded on SPARSH through pensioner’s login. If the pensioner is unable to do the same or internet facility is not available in remote/border areas, manual life certificate as per format attached duly signed by the Competent Authority can be submitted by post to PCDA(P) with a copy to concerned Record Office. Banks will also accept Life Certificate from SPARSH Pensioners. SBI will accept Life Certificate upto next 5 years. You may approach the authorsised Service centres of SPARSH.

(c) Death of Pensioner. In case pensioner expired, procedure for death
reporting is available on SPARSH in open source (Services tab).
(d) List of Pending Life Certificates. The list of pensioners whose life
certificates are pending has been made available on PCDA(P) Portal and is being updated on daily basis. Pensioners can search their name on any internet PC.

Utilisation of Common Service Centres (CSCs). All CSCs, over four lakh across the country and popularly known as ‘Jan Suvidha Kendra’ or ‘eMitra’, have been nominated as SPARSH Service Centres to handhold defence pensioners through MoU between CGDA and MeITY. Maximum CSC operators have been trained on use of SPARSH Portal and associated processes. Charges for the services being provided to def pensioners will be remitted to CSCs by CGDA and pensioners do not need to pay anything to CSC operators. All defence pensioners may visit nearest CSC for submission of Annual life Certificate and other grievances, if any.

Certificates to be furnished by pensioners/family pensioners to his
Pension Disbursing Authority
(Referred to in Regulations 81)
Certified that Shri/Smt ———————————– holder of PPO No —- ——————– issued by —————————– is alive on this————————————————— date ———————–
Name- —————–
Station – Designation of
Date – Authorised officer

Who Can Sign Life Certificate

Life Certificates can be issued/signed by one or other of the following authorities.
(i) Any person exercising the power of a Magistrate under the Criminal Procedure
Code, 1898 (5 of 1898).
(ii) A Registrar or Sub-Registrar under the Registration Act, 1908 (16 of 1908).
(iii) Any pensioned Officer who before retirement exercised the powers of a Magistrate.
(iv) Any Gazetted Officer of Government.
(v) A Munsif.
(vi) A Post Master.
(vii) A Departmental Sub Post Master.
(viii) An Inspector of Post Offices.
(ix) A Class I Officer of the Reserve Bank of India.
(x) An Officer of the State Bank of India.
(xi) An Officer of a subsidiary Bank of the State Bank of India.
(xii) Head of a Village Panchayat, Gram Panchayat or Gaon Panchayat.
(xiii) Head of an Executive Committee of a village.
(xiv) An officer of a bank included in the second Schedule to the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 (2 of 1934) in respect of pensioner drawing his/her pension through that Bank.
(xv) A Police Officer not below the rank of Sub-Inspector-in-Charge of a Police Station.
(xvi) A member of Lok Sabha/Rajya Sabha/Vidhan Sabha/Vidhan Parishad or a Corporator of Municipal Corporation or a Councilor of a Municipality.
(xvii) In the case of pensioners reemployed a life certificate furnished by the pensioner signed by the Head of the office, where he is re-employed.
(xviii) A District Sainik Welfare officer- (DSWO).

As per Pension Regulation for the Army 2008 Part -I

PDF Copy of the SBI approved Life Certificate –

PNB Life Certificate form in PDF below – Download now