Your e-PPO is now available in Digi Locker : Download Process

What is DigiLocker and How can I download my ePPO from Here ?

Yes, your eppo is now available online. World is moving towards digital form and naturally, Defence Pension System has been fully digitalised. Your PPO has also been transormed into e-PPO. Now SPARSH has also been implemented. You can download your e-PPO from Digilocker. System of downloading e-PPO from Digilocker is available in our wbsite. In this article you will learn how to check and confirm if your e-PPO is available in digilocker or not. Just follow some easy steps to know your ePPO status. However, after introduction of SPARSH pension system, PPO of SPARSH Pensioners may not be available in Digilocker.

The Download process of e PPO from Digilocker

Step – I : Visit the official website of PCDA Allahabad and navigate to Status of PPO in Digi Locker. You may visit the PCDA on your browser or you may click on the link provided below.

Step – II : Feed your 12 digit ePPO Number in the prescribed box. You may get your ePPO from the official websit of PCDA Allahabad. Process of getting ePPO number is mentioned in an another article. Just click here to Know it.

Link of ePPO Status Check in PCDA Website

Link of ePPO Download Process through Digilocker.

Link of Youtube video on how to download ePPO from Digilocker

Link of ePPO Number Check – Youtube Video

Step – III : Put the Captcha and click on Submit button. The result will be appeared on the screen. If your ePPO has been generated and placed in Digilocker, you will get a confirmation and accordingly you may now login to your digilocker pageand download your e-PPO now. If not confirmed, just for a few weeks more.

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