Latest Orders on Toll Tax Exemption for Soldiers and Veterans

toll tax for exserviceman

Toll tax is levied at the roads constructed now mostly in PPP model and there are pre exist agreement. So, the rules and orders related to toll tax exemption which is to be effecctive for the Armed PForces personnel and veterans has been communicated by the Ministry of Transport. Original copy of the letter is reproduced here –

in this regard the earlier orders are also here –

  1. Who collects user fee?
    Ans. In case of Public Funded/ Annuity/ SPVs Govt. collects the user fee (toll) by engaging the contractors
    through competitive e-bidding, whereas in private investment/ OMT Projects, the Concessionaire collects
    the user fee (toll).
  2. On what basis is user fee collected from vehicles in the National Highways?
    Ans. National highways for which the bids were invited and projects awarded prior to 2008 are governed by
    NH Fee rules 1997 and those National highways which are constructed and whose bids are invited after 5th
    December 2008 are governed by NH Fee Rules 2008. Further, the National Highways constructed through
    Public private partnership are governed by NH Fee Rule as well as the Contract Agreement entered
    between the concessionaire and the Authority.
  3. Why full user fee (toll) is to be paid although we travel a small length on the project road?
    Ans. In India, the tolling is generally under the open system, whereby fee payable is a fixed amount based
    on the length of stretch under one project which is normally 60 kilometers. If a stretch is of lesser length,
    user fee of actual length only is collected.
  1. Why the user fee (toll) rate is different at 2 Toll Plazas?
    Ans. User fee on a particular fee plaza is based on stretch length under that plaza, structures (bridge,
    tunnel, and bypass) and width of the highways, applicable fee rules and provisions of the concessions
  2. Why concessions/ discounts to local/ frequent users are different at different fee plazas?
    Ans. Concessions to local/frequent users are extended as welfare measures. There may be variation in the
    concessions available as these have been provided at different times under different fee rules and
    provisions of concession agreement.
  3. Why are the categories of vehicles and their rates different?
    Ans. Vehicles are categorized for the welfare of road users. This categorisation is primarily based on the size
    and load they carry and damage done to the road and type of use (commercial/personnel) of a vehicle.
  4. Why the formula and the date of annual revision of user fee across the toll plazas are different? Why
    rounding of fee in some toll plazas is Re.1/- and Rs.5/- in others?
    Ans. Annual revision is done w.e.f. 1st April and fee is to be rounded off to the nearest Rs 5 as per the new
    user fee rules. However some roads built before 2008 are governed by old rules where fee is rounded off to
    Re 1 only
  1. The Concessionaire has collected user fee (toll) more than the expenditure incurred by him. Why he is
    allowed to continue with toll collection?
    Ans. User fee is levied and collected as per applicable fee rules and provisions of the concession agreement.
    As per rule, a concessionaire has the right to collect user fee till the completion of concession period
    allowed under the agreement.

9. Are the amendments issued on NH Fee Rule 2008 applicable on all National Highways?
Ans. Amendments issued over NH Fee Rule 2008 shall not be applicable on projects for which the bids were
invited and projects awarded prior to the date on which the amendments were issued.
10. How long a toll plaza shall be in operation? What is the duration for which the user fee shall be collected at
any toll plaza?
Ans. Once a highway is built, Fee is to be collected to recover the cost. Once cost is recovered the fee is
collected at reduced rate of 40% as the road is to be maintained in good condition for the travelers.
11. What is the procedure for getting the pass for local users?
Ans. The Concessionaire shall formulate, publish and implement an appropriate scheme and make such
modifications to the scheme as may reasonably be suggested by the Authority or by Local Users from time
to time
12. Is there any Penalty for overloaded vehicles?
Ans. As per NH Fee Rule 2008, the excess load is to be removed and a penalty equal to 10 times the
applicable fee is to be paid.
13. I am a central government/ state government officer. Am I entitled for exemption?
Ans. The exemption is available only for NHAI or any other Government Organization using such vehicles for
inspection, survey, construction or operation of National Highways and maintenance thereof.

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