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KSB Schemes can be availed by ESM subject to fulfilment of the criteria whcih have specific cutoff date. Content of the KSB letter is reproduced below which will explain about the cut off date for each schemes seperately.

  1. Further to this office letter no 195/welfare/Misc/2021-22 dt 04 Apr 2022. All RSBs are requested to intimate ZSBs in their area of jurisdiction to inform all ESMs to adhere to online applications as per under- mentioned scheme specific time schedule. The ZSB and RSB officers and staff responsible for processing online applications must follow the applicable terminal dates to decide on acceptance or rejection of applications dates mentioned against each scheme.
S NO.Grant 2023-23
  Appln FY/Applicable Date of Scheme / Academic Year/Conditions/Terms of ReferenceLast date for uploading of Application/Certificate by ESM for F.Y 2023-24
(a)Penury (Initial)FY 2023-2401 Apr 2023 to 31 Mar 2024
(b)Renewal PenuryofFY 2023-24Between 01 Dec 2023 to 31 Mar 2024
(c)MarriageDate of Marriage.Will not be accepted beyond 180 Days from   the   date   of solemnization   of marriage.
(d)EducationAY 2022-23
(aa) Class 1 to 9 and 11
(ab) Class 10 & 12
(ac)  Under  graduation Classes
31 Oct 2023 31 Oct 2023 30 Nov 2023No extension will Be granted
(e)MedicalDate   of   discharge   from Hospital or date of last prescription.Not to be accepted after 180 Daye from discharge from hospital or date of last prescription.
(f)100°A  Disabled Child (Initial) No time limit
(g)Renewal         of 100%  disabled childFY 2023-24Between 01 Dec 2023 to 31 Mar 2024
(h)Orphan (Initial)Date of death of last alive parentNo time limit
b)Renewal OrphanofFY 2023-24Between 01 Dec 2023 to 31 Mar 2024
(k)Vocational TrgDate    of    completion    of vocational course.Not to be accepted after 180 Daye from completion of course
(l)Mobility Equipment No time limit
(m)Serious DiseasesDate   of   discharge   from Hospital or date of last prescription.Not to be accepted after 180 Days from date of discharge from hospital or date of last prescription.
Subsidy home loanonDate of sanction of loan by bank.Not to be accepted after 180 Deye from loan sanction date for initial sanction.

Endorsement of Recommended Amount. ZSB/RSB staff processing online applications of ESM will mention the specific amount recommended to be paid to the ESM applicant as per rules in vogue in the comment box provided at the bottom of online form for the following schemes :-

  • Medical Treatment.

    Vocational Training of Widows.

    Serious diseases.

    Mobility Equipment.

    Interest subsidy on home loan.
  • Processing of Time Barred Applications. All ZSB Users and ZSB Admin and RSB Users and RSB Admin may please be instructed to process only those applications that are not time barred as per above mentioned dates. Time barred applications are to be rejected by ZSBs and RSBs.
  • Common Mistakes Noticed in F.Y 2022-23. It has been noticed during FY 2022-23 that number of ZSB User and Admin and RSB User & Admin were not placing online applications under observation or rejection to weedout fraudulent and incorrecdy claimed applications not supported by supporting documents enumerated in subsequent paras. The following are some of the observations which need to be checked :-
  • Service Number and Name of ESM not matching with discharge book.

    Name of widow applicant not matching with discharge book.

    Name of ward not matching with either discharge book or marksheet or other scheme specific supported documents uploaded.

    Spellings of Name not matching in online form from discharge book, bank account and Aadhar card.

    Time line as specified for each scheme to claim before cut off date not adhered to by ESM while uploading and same approved by ZSB/RSB.

  • f) Education Grant. Marksheet   in Education   Grant   uploaded  had under-mentioned inconsistencies.
  • Not signed by school authorities and not bearing their round stamps or seal.
    • Name of ward not matching.
    • Marksheet of AY 2021-22 or previous year uploaded.
    • Marksheet does not categorically mention child having passed.
  • Education and Marriaqe GrantClaimed for one child and names of two children entered or vice versa in case of Education Grant and Marriage Grant.
  • Penury Grant (Initial).
  • Already sanctioned cases applying again.
  • Applicant ESM not above 65 years on 01 Apr of F.Y in which applying.
  • Widow applicant not filling date of death of her husband in the relevant box.
  • Widow applying as ESM with date of death filled in relevant box.
(v)  Penury grant applicant in current F.Y also applying for Penury Renewal in the same FY.
  • Penury Renewal/Orphan Renewal/ 100°A Disable Child Renewal.
  • Life Certificates being forward to KSB through Dak after uploading the same online.
  • Life Certificates being forward to KSB instead of uploading the same online.

Read the remaining content of this letter letter pdf copy.

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