Project Punah Sthapan

Lakhs of Exservicemen Will get benefit of Project Punah Sthapan Soon

Due to retirement in young age, most of the defence personnel need to opt a 2nd career. It is very difficult to accomodate in the vacancies released in Govt/PSU every year to all the WSM retired throughout the year. So, some alternatives need to be opted. Exservicemen will now achieve better employability through the govt poject with capacity building during service in Indian Armed Forces. Punah Sthapan introduced in Indian Armed Forces with an aim to identify trades of Indian Armed forces and align them to the needs of industry so as to facilitate skill building of Servicemen, to ensure their fruitful resettlement post retirement. Project is being completed in three different phases in practical. Phase I of Competency Mapping of Human Resources has been completed. Phase II of Comprehensive Study on Civil sector employability and skill gap analysis has also successfully completed by MoD.This initiative will enable lakhs of exservicemen to get their livlihood in the second innings.

Revision of Directory of Equation of Service Trades to Civil Trades. Revision of Directory of Equation for Service Trades with Civil Trades and Guide to Registration of Defence Service applicants for Employment as per NCO Codes 2015 was undertaken by the DGR and the three SHQs. The New Directory of Equation will be published in early 2023.

Standardization of Graduation Equivalency Certificate for Gp`C’ Post Employability. The DGR was nominated by DESW to suggest standardization of nomenclature & format of the Group `C’ post eligibility/employability Certificate (also known as Graduation Equivalency Certificate). The approval of the standardized certificate is awaited from MoD, Gol.

Project PUNAH STHAPAN is planned to be executed in three years. Stage I, an internal task of Armed Forces, has already been completed by CDM, Secunderabad in Mar 2020. This stage has been executed very well and all the objectives set by this Dte (sponsoring Dte) have been accomplished. Stage II is planned during the current financial year. Professional management consultants are being identified through tendering process. This stage has been delayed due to Covid-19 related restrictions. Stage III is planned to be undertaken by various Sector Skill Councils (SSCs) and NSDC during the next Financial Year. However, this stage will be initiated only on completion of Stage II. On successful completion, this project will pave way for better employability of ESM in Corporate Sector as well.

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