Kept Your Discharge Book  Safely ? Know the Remedies on Loss of DB 

After retirement from the Army Navy or Air Force the most important document is your Discharge Book.  We carry our discharge Book while visiting any Military office, ZSB or any Govt office for various purposes.  With increasing age, we may lose our bag or document packet anywhere in transit.  The possible remedies in such an unforeseen situation should be known to us.  As a preventive measure, Firstly keep a Xerox Copy of your complete Discharge Book at home always.  In case of lost, it will help you to prepare a duplicate Discharge Book.

If Discharge Book (DB)/Service Book/Service Particular Certificate (SPC) of ESM /Widow/ Dependent pensioner is lost/ not traceable, please take following steps as described below –

Preliminary action on Loss of Discharge Book

Step-1: Lodge an FIR at your nearby Police Station and bring the original FIR to your Concerned Zila Sainik Board for preparation of duplicate Discharge Book.

Sample Application to lodge FIR at Police Station is given at the bottom of this page.

Step-2:  Write a personal application in plain paper, in three copies, addressed to CRO/Record Officer of your Record Office (RO), regarding loss of Discharge Book (DB) and request to issue a Duplicate DB. Also, mention list of documents being attached. 

Sample copy of the Application for Records Office is provided here at the bottom of this article.

Documents Required for Preparation of Duplicate Discharge Book

Step-3: Attach Following Documents one copy each. All self attested:-

(a) FIR – Original copy. 
(b) ECHS Cards Copies- ESM & Wife (if available).
(c) PPO Copy.
(d) Adhaar and PAN Card copies – ESM & Wife.  
(e) Single Photo- Recent, passport size photo of ESM/Widow in two copies.
(f) Joint Photo- Recent, passport size colour photo of ESM with his wife/Widow with dependent in two copies.
(g) Photocopy of Discharge Book: If available. 
(h) Photocopies of Both CSD Cards of ESM/Widow. 
(j) One Affidavit (Notary) Mentioning loss of DB to be given in Original. (Only for Air Veterans). 

Sample Affidavit given below.

Process of Application for Duplicate Discharge Book

Step-4: Bring all documents to ZSB along with all originals after taking appointment. 

Step-5: After verification and attestation of all documents, including photos, they will recommend the case. 

Step-6: ZSB  will keep only one Application in ZSB. One Application will be given to you as your receipt copy. Third Application copy, along with one set of all documents, will be given to you.

Step-7: You will then send the complete set of documents by speed post  to your Record Office concerned.   

Step-8: Record Office will issue and deliver the duplicate DB/SPC to the ZSB. 

Step-9: You will be intimated as and when it reaches ZSB by the Staff  of that office. 

Step-10: Visit ZSB to collect your Duplicate Discharge Book/SPC.  

loss of DB
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