Kendriya Sainik Board : Duties and Responsibilities at a Glance

Kendriya Sainik Board (KSB)  is a welfare organization in India dedicated to Serving and Retired Armed Forces personnel and officers including ex-servicemen and their families. It operates under the Ministry of Defence and plays a vital role in ensuring the welfare and well-being of ex-servicemen and their dependents.

The primary role of the Kendriya Sainik Board is to formulate and implement various welfare schemes and programs for the benefit of ex-servicemen and their families. Some of the key functions and initiatives undertaken by KSB include:

Rehabilitation and Resettlement: KSB assists ex-servicemen in their transition to civilian life by providing them with opportunities for skill development, vocational training, and employment assistance. It also facilitates their resettlement in society through various measures.

Financial Support: KSB extends financial assistance to ex-servicemen and their dependents in the form of pensions, grants, loans, and scholarships. It administers several welfare funds, such as the Army Central Welfare Fund, Air Force Central Welfare Fund, and Navy Central Welfare Fund, to provide financial aid when needed.

Medical Assistance: KSB coordinates and supports medical facilities for ex-servicemen and their dependents, including medical camps, hospitals, and dispensaries. It also manages schemes for medical treatment, including the Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS), which provides comprehensive healthcare coverage to ex-servicemen and their families.

Education and Training: KSB facilitates educational opportunities for the children of ex-servicemen through scholarships and grants. It also supports skill development and vocational training programs to enhance employability and career prospects for ex-servicemen and their dependents.

Welfare Schemes: KSB implements various welfare schemes for the benefit of ex-servicemen, such as housing schemes, marriage grants, widow remarriage assistance, and financial aid for disabled ex-servicemen.

Advocacy and Representation: KSB acts as a representative body for ex-servicemen and their families, advocating their concerns and grievances with the government and other relevant authorities. It works towards the implementation of policies and measures aimed at improving the welfare of ex-servicemen.

Some Basic Functional/Statutory Role of KSB : Duties and Responsibilities at a Glance :-

Provide policy directive, as approved by the DESW/MoD, to Depts of Sainik Welfare in States / UTs on matters of welfare of Ex-Servicemen.

Monitor and guide the Depts of Sainik Welfare in the States in their functioning as per guidelines laid down by KSB / Ministry of Defence.

Provide budgetary support for establishment and maintenance costs of Depts of Sainik Welfare and Zila Sainik Welfare Offices to States / UTs.

Attend as member of the Selection Committee convened invariably under the Chief Secretary of the State for selection of Director, Dept of Sainik Welfare / Secretary RSB and Zila Sainik Welfare Officer / Secretary ZSB convened one month prior to the post falling vacant.

Inspect the Department of Sainik Welfare of States / UTs each year and report on their functioning to State Govt / MoD.

Attend Rajya Sainik Board and Amalgamated Fund Meeting in States as special invitee.

Administer Armed Forces Flag Day Fund (AFFDF).

Deal with redressal and queries related to welfare of Ex-Servicemen and families of deceased service personnel.

Operate the Scheme for allotment of Medical, Dental and Engineering seats under Ministry of Defence quota.

Organize and conduct ‘Armed Forces Flag Day Collections’ at Central Govt. Depts located at Delhi.

Provide flags, posters and publicity material for conduct of the AFFD in States / UTs and Indian Missions abroad.

Provide through National Defence Fund periodic augmentation of corpus of Amalgamated Special Fund of the States.

Operation of centrally sponsored schemes such as RMEWF (Raksha Mantri Discretionary Fund) and others.

Issue I-Card for availing Rail Travel Concession to War Widows and to ESM in special cases.

Operate the PM Scholarship Scheme for Wards of Ex-ServiceMen and Ex Coast Guard Personnel and their Widows.

Provide financial assistance to paraplegic homes at PRC Kirkee & Mohali, 35 War Memorial Hostels, Cheshire Homes and various institutes .

Advise on the correct investment of the Amalgamated Fund by the RSBs of the States / UTs.

Inspect ZSBs at random to check their functioning and effectiveness.


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