Indianisation of Indian Army Started : Abolition of Buddy (Sahayak) System Demanded by Jawans

abolish buddy system

The Indian Armed Forces inherited a lot of its customs and traditions from the British Armed Forces, however have, for the reason that then, evolved traditions feature to them.  And yet, there’s a view amongst a segment of intellectuals, lecturers and politicians that our forces maintain to display ‘Brown Sahib’ syndrome and keep a colonial thoughts-set. It may had been real as much as the cease of the Sixties; the management of the defense force then turned into skilled and groomed by way of the British, and with whom they’d fought the Second World War. It become but natural for them to have imbibed the customs and traditions of the British Armed Forces. The generations of leadership born in the Seventies, and thereafter, do no longer carry the load of the past and necessity of substantial changes experienced at all level.

The evolution of the customs and traditions of the Indian Army, from its colonial past to the existing instances, must be visible from the prism of the floor realities that existed in the wake of independence and the a long time that observed. If the Army of independent India remained remarkably much like the vintage British Indian Army, it turned into especially ‘because it changed into there.’ The challenges going through the armed forces at the time of independence were daunting enough to depart no time for any disruptive modifications in organisational historical past and the nicely-set up traditions inherited from the British. The first 30 years after independence had been the formative length in the history of the Indian Armed Forces that saw it combat primary wars, and two predominant insurgencies in Nagaland and Mizoram.

Recently the Department of Defence has taken keen initiative to bring changes of the traditions and systems that inherited from the british rules which are no more required. From the sources, it has been bring to the notice of the citizens that a team of Senior officers have been formed and detailed to identify the traditions and systems that are prevailed in Indian Army and their justification at the present day scenario.  

We may draw a sketch of such so called (as per opinion of majority of PBOR) obsolete, unnecessary rituals, traditions and systems that termed  “harassing”  to the Jawans, as expressed by a number of PBOR in social media/public platform. Such some irrational and irrelevant   systems are :

  • Buddy System/  Sahayak System  /  Helper System
  • Rituals at Officers Mess/JCOs Mess
  • Bargi System
  • Insubordination in the name of Command
  • Unit/Station FWC and Ruling of Officers Wives
  • Hony Rank
  • JCOs Rank

It may be expected that the study team which have been formed at higher Formation level must consider the ground reality faced by Jawans (rank and File) and necessary changes may occurred to bring the Indianisation of Indian Army.

Comments of Jawans/JCOs  in various social media on this issue:

Person 1 :   सेना में अंग्रेजों के जमाने की कौन-कौन सी कुप्रथाएं हैं, यह पूछा जाएगा सेना के अधिकारियों से। फीडबैक देने वाले अफसर, सुधार करने वाले अफसर, कुप्रथाएं बताने वाले अफसर। जवान से कोई नहीं पूछेगा। हो गया सुधार। हो गया सेना का भारतीयकरण। मजाक चल रहा है यहां पर। देख रहा है विनोद, मेरा जूता कहां है बे..

Person 2 : सबकी एक ही मैस होनी चाहिए। सहायक प्रथा बंद करो।

Person 3 : सेना में पदों का भेदभाव मुझे कभी सेना से न जोड़ पाया।अंग्रेजी व्यवस्था का 75 साल भी ज्यों का त्यों बने रहना जवानों की आजादी पर प्रश्नचिन्ह लगाता है।सेवादारी प्रथा,अफसर व jco मेस,MH,CSD सभी में जिस प्रकार अधिकारियों ने सेना में ही एक अलग वर्ग बनाकर भेदभाव किया है,उसकी वजह से एक प्रतिभावान सैनिक का सेना में बने रहना मुश्किल हो जाता है,इसलिए आज OROP में शामिल न होने पर भी जवान premature ही घर जा रहे हैं।मैंने खुद 2017 में 22.5 की सेवा के बाद jco का पद छोड़कर घर जाना बेहतर समझा।आज मैं अपने फैसले से खुश हूँ,शिक्षा विभाग में लगा हूँ,जहाँ प्रिंसिपल व सभी शिक्षक समान रूप से संम्मान पाते हैं।

Person 4 : Buddy pratha agar khatam ho jaaye to isase bahut sudhar hoga acr ka aur kuchh hona chahiye officer bahut dhamki dete hai

Person 5 : Buddy system khatm ho jaaye yahi bhagwan se aur yah sarkar se hath jodkar prathna karta hun. Jay Hind

Person 6 : ऑफिसर और जेसीबी सोना नही चाहिये सब एकीने सोना चाहिये सेवाधारी प्रथा बंद अफसर शाही बंद ये सब होना चाहिये तो भारतीय करण हो जायेगा

Person 7 : Buddy pratha kabhi band nahi ho sakta hai jisme offcers ka feber mein hota hao wo kabhi nai khattam hosakta hai chaye fauj pura khattam q na ho

Person 8 : भारतीय जवान और ऑफिसर के भोजन का एक जैसा स्केल होना चाहिये। आजके दिन जवान ऑफिसर से कई गुणा फिजिकल मेहनत करता है और डाइट ऑफिसर को ज्यादा दी जाती है ऐसा क्यों। जवान के साथ ऐसी ज्यादती नही होनी चाहिये।

Information Credit : Sainik Jeevan Youtube Channel

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