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Defence Personnel Need Reemployment

A large number of Soldiers get retired from the Indian Armed Forces at a comparatively young age and they need reemployement to earn livelyhood. In recognition for the services rendered by them for the Armed Forces of the nation , they needed to be rehabilitated into civil life with providing suitable jobs after retirement. It needs no emphasis that the ex-serviceman, by virtue of their experience and training in the Armed Forces are competent enough and equipped with required skill and knoledge to perform versatile nature of jobs in govt/public sector and corporate world. Beside skill, recognition through formal education is also necessary.

No doubt, the Central and State Governments and the Public Sector Undertaking have made provisions to give reserved quota of employment to the ex-serviceman. It is obvious that there is a wide gap between the rate of discharge of ex-serviceman from the Forces and the jobs reserved for them. Therefore, they need considerable support and effort on the part of employing organisations to provide more civilian employment to the ex-serviceman immediately on release from the defence services.

Govt initiative to Provide Employment for Retired Defence Personnel

The Directorate of Employment in the Ministry of Labour and Employment have identified a number of technical trades of the Defence Forces and have equated them with the civilian occupations classified in the National Classification of Occupations, Code 2015.

Directorate General of Resettlement have published a consolidated version of the Army, Navy and Air Force technical trades and comparable civilian jobs.
All Employment Officers of govt/pvt sector may use the diretory published by the MoD, Govt of India as available in the official website of Indian Army Veterans i.e or click here .

How to use the Directory

Principles of Equations : In the Present ‘Guide’, an attempt has been made to identify civil equivalents of all individual Army Trades taking into consideration the following factors:-

  • Job content of trade in the Army.
  • Nature, type and length of training received by Army personnel.
  • Educational and technical attainment of Army personnel.
  • Occupational suitability of Army tradesmen for particular civil occupation and employability in civilian trades.
  • Aspiration of Army personnel in view of their rank and position in the Army
  • Against each trade generally, more than one civil equivalent occupation (s) have been given in the order of their suitability and importance. Thus, a list of all civil occupation is given for which an ex-servicemen belonging to a particular trade could be consideration suitable and qualified. The primary trade mentioned in the directory are the most suitable for trade for an individual. However, employment offices may consider the ex-servicemen for registration in any of the occupation subjects mentioned against his trade.
  • Ex Servicemen who have received diversified training and acquired experience in several trades in the service would be eligible for consideration against several civilian trades.
  • The Guide does not cover officer cadre. Officers by virtue of their position, would be eligible for employment in civil life for executive, administrative or managerial posts and they should be registered for such jobs.
  • Ex Servicemen coming to Employment Exchanges be provided assistance with regards to determining the occupation for which they should be registered as well as the occupation for which they should be sponsored. The Guide, if used with imagination, could be invaluble in providing befitting resettlement to ex-servicemen in civil sector.

Equivalent Civil Job of Army Trades

S NoBranchTradeRank / ServiceService Trade /Group/ Branch/Occupation NoteQualification Civil / ServiceOld NCO Code 2004Civil Trade EquivalentNew NCO Code 2015Remarks
1 (a)Group Y / Non TechnicalInfantry / SoldierSep/ RiflemanHas basic knowledge of Infantry Weapons, battlecraft, field carft, field engineering. CRBN Warfare, Information Technology & Map Reading. Performs duties of General Nature. Attends to enquiry made personally, on phone or by post & passes information on orders based on prevalling security instructions. Capable of passing & receiving messages, operate computer for data processing as per instructions in vogue, actively engaged in battalion routing activities like physical training, games, weapons training & administrative duties. Has basic understanding of office procedures & documentation. He is a skilled worker & a responsible individual who performas all tasks diligently and has limited guidance/ supervisory capacity.Edn : SSLC/ Matric with 45% marks in aggregate and 33% in each subject. No percentage required for higher qualification ie. 10+2 and above Basic Military Training : 19 weeks Adv Military Training : 15 Weeks On the Job Training at Battalion Level for 6-8 yrs.Armed Security Guard5414.0151Primary
9152.30Gateman/Unarmed Security Guard5414.0501Secondary
5162.20Sepoy, Customs5412.0200Secondary
6141.15Forest Guard6210.0200Secondary
3475.90Sports Coaches, Instructors and Officials3422.9900Secondary
4131.10Store Keeper4321.0100Secondary
Light motor Vehicle Driver Level 38322.0501Secondary
5161.10Fire Fighter5411.0100Secondary
General Duty Assistant5329.0101Secondary
3132.30Radio Operator3521.0800Secondary
3431.30Office Assistant3341.1000Secondary
6113.30Gardener, General6113.0301Secondary
5162.10Police Constable5412.0100Secondary
5162.30Constable Excise5412.0300Secondary
6121.20Livestock Worker, General6121.0300Secondary
Person Handling Explosives7542.0101Secondary
1 (b)Group Y / Non TechnicalInfantry / SoldierNCO (Nk/ Hav)In addition to Ser No 1 (a) above. Possess higher knowledge & experience on the job. Allots & Supervises work of juniors, guides them & is responsible for soldiers under his command. Conversant with various aspects of HR, Inventory & Equipment Management, Security, Documentation, discipline, administration, fire hazards & prevailing security situation. CPossesses knowledge of pay & allowances, personal documentation of a soldier & guides them on the same. Capable to organise & conduct physical training, tactical training & games for troops at company level. Capable of performing independent tasks & employing an analytical approach on known issues.In addition to Ser No 1(a) Passed Map Reading -II & Map reading-I, Education test conducted at Formation level as per Army order 19/S/75 & 8/S/78. Passed Army Certificate of Education-II conducted at Formation level. Passed Promotion cadre conducted at Battalion level as per AO12/2009/MT Minimum 8 yrs (for Nk) & 13 years (for Hav) of service experience the JOB *JOT : Min eight yrs service as rk of Sep. In addition of Ser No 1 (a) above :-  
Security Supervisor5414.0111Primary
1226.80Post Master1330.0300Secondary
5112.44Travelling Ticket Examiner Railway5112.0600Secondary
3431.10Section officer3341.0800Secondary
1121.10Administrative Officer, U G1112.0100Secondary
2446.10Asst Labour / Welfare Officer / Labour Officer2635.0100Secondary
1226.35Aerodrom officer1324.0900Secondary
9331.70Transport Service Operator9331.0700Secondary
1221.60Manager Poultry Farm1311.1500Secondary
1221.40Manager Livestock Farm1311.1300Secondary
1221.50Manager Dairy Farm1311.1400Secondary
Home Delivery Manager1221.0301Secondary
5220.10Sales Supervisor, Wholesale Trade5222.0100Secondary
1305.90Restaurant Manager1412.9900Secondary
4115.30Panchayat Secretary4120.0300Secondary
Warehouse Supervisor1324.1201Secondary
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