Important for Dependents of Exservicemen : Forms and Eligibility Criteria

Family pension is generally applicable to the spouse of the ESM. After passing away of the family pensioners, dependent son and daughter, if eligible may apply for grant of pension. In this article we will discuss the relevant documents to grant pension for Dependents.

Type – 1 – In the event of Parents are no more and dependent son/daughter is below 25 years of age, is eligible to get family pension. If there are more than one dependent, the elder one will be eligible and thereafter the younger. After 25 years, son is not applicable to get pension (except disable). Unmarried /divorced daughter even after 25 years of age may draw family pension until married.

How to Apply – Now, all defence pensioners are drawing pension through SPARSH. So, you need to process the information through SPARSH. No login password user ID required. Just visit the official website of SPARSH and click on report death tab. Thereafter you need submit all the documents duly authenticated by Zila Sainik Board and to be processed to Record office/DAV office concerned.

Type 2 – Unmarried daughters / Divorcee daughter is also eligible to get family pension if there is no other eligible dependent. Documents required to claim such family pension is to be done through SPARSH. Once the name of such unmarried daughter is notified on the PPO (Jn PPO) , pension payment will be much easier as and when the daughter will be eligible and situation, if arises.


1. An affidavit sworn in before a First Class Judicial Magistrate containing the following details

  • Name of parents of the claimant.
  • Date of birth of the claimant.
  • Marital Status of the claimant.
  • Dependency on the parents before their demise of the claimant.
  • Monthly Income from all sources of the claimant.
  • Details of sisters and brothers and their marital status of the claimant.

2.  A certificate from Municipal/Panchayat/Revenue Department stating that the claimant is unmarried and unemployed as on date duly countersigned by Zila Sainik Welfare Board.

3.   Birth certificate/School leaving certificate in which date of birth of the claimant is mentioned duly attested by a class 1 Gazetted officer.

4. Original/Certified true copy of death certificate of both the parents.

5.   Three passport size photographs of the claimant duly attested by a Class 1 Gazetted officer on reverse.

6. No objection certificate from brothers and sisters of the claimant.

7.   MPB-501 (Application for Family Pension) and MPC-60 in triplicate (specimen attached) duly completed and countersigned by Zila Sainik Welfare Board.

8.  Bank Acct details alongwith a Cancelled Cheque leaf of the claimant.

9.   Details of children of the officer as per format attached.

10.    Copies of available PPOs under vide father/mother of the applicant were drawing pension.


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