How to Surrender ECHS Facility and get Medical Allowance

how to surrender echs facility and get medical allowance

It has been seen that thousands and lakhs of ECHS beneficiaries are not satisfied with the service of ECHS. From the last 20 years, ECHS is mandatory for each and every Military Retired persons. But it has been found that after getting membership due to insufficient service, residing in far flang areas and on other reasons many ESM are not interested to avail the ECHS benefit. In such case, they may surrender the ECHS card following the process.

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If one is not availing any medical facility and surrender certificate issued by ECHS, he will be entitled to get medical allowance as per current rate for life. Now in this article the detailed process of surrender of ECHS facilities is described here.

Procedure for Exit from ECHS Facility by Beneficiaries

Policy regarding Opting out/ exit from ECHS has been promulgated by CO, ECHS. Now, ESM who are exiting ECHS will be required to submit an application and an undertaking as per authority letter.

The application along with requisite documents will be submitted by primary beneficiary to the Parent Polyclinic, and this application will be forwarded to CO, ECHS through RC. CO, ECHS will grant NOC based on the application, and ECHS membership of the applicants and all dependents will be revoked by the RC concerned.

Re-entry of the Primary ECHS members and all dependents into ECHS will be permanently disallowed. No request will be considered for Opt out/ exit from ECHS with refund of contribution.

(Auth. CO, ECHS Letter B/49701-PR/AG/ECHS/2023 dated 22 May 23)

Information source E Newsletter Aug 2023 issued by IHQ, MoD (Navy)

Medical Allowance Claim after surrender of ECHS Benefit

Once you have surrendered your ECHS facility, and a surrender certificate is issued by ECHS, you may apply for grant of Medical Allowance to PCDA(P), Prayagraj through SPARSH or in manual process.

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Exemption from ECHS Contribution.

Following pers are exempted from payment of ECHS contribution:-

(a) War widows, war disabled pensioners/ BC and their dependents.
(b) Pre 01 Jan 1996 Retirees.

Present rate of ECHS Contribution

.SerRankOne time ContributionEntitlement of Ward
(a)Rect to Havs and equivalent in Navy & AFRs 30,000/-General
(b)Nb Sub/Sub/ Sub Maj or equivalent in Navy & AF (inclHonyNb Sub / MACP Nb Sub and Hony Lt / Capt)Rs 67,000/-Semi Private
(c)All OfficersRs 120,000/-Private
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