How to Download Pension Slip in SPARSH Portal

how to download pension slip

Pension Slip and PPO is most important document for a pensioner. Today in this article , we will discuss about how will you see your pension related documents? Main documents are PPO, Pwension Slip, Form 16 etc. Especially, you need to see some documents every month. That is your pension slip. So how will you check the pension slip through SPARSH? We will tell you this today in this article.

The first action for this is that you have to log in to SPARSH. How will you log in? First of all, if you are using android  mobile, then may install the SPARSH mobile app. If you have not installed it yet, then how will you install it?  At present during the May Jun-July 2024 or you can go to our website, or or  You can go to google and search for SPARSH app. 

Once you have installed the SPARSH app, you will have to log in there. You have to log in with your user id and password. After logging in, you will find a tab called My Documents on the first page. As soon as you click on My Documents, your documents will come serially. Pension slip, Corrigendum PPO, Original PPO, etc. You will get all these documents that you need to see.

As soon as you click on the Pension Slip, you will see which month’s pension slip is available in your account. For example, if you want to see June 2024 pension slip March’s pension slip, then click on 6-2024. It will be downloaded to your mobile/PC.  As soon as it is downloaded to the PDF, you can see it. And if you are not comfortable with your mobile, you want to see from a laptop or computer. Then you go to Log in to the official website of SPARSH.

How to log in? Log in here by giving your user id, password and captcha with OTP on your mobile.   I am also logging in with you so that I can tell you everything practically. As soon as you log in,  your profile will open in front of you. On the right side of the profile, there is a button called Pension Slip. Below that is the Life Certificate. If you have deposited your life certificate, when did you deposit it, when is the next due, you will get all these things here.

Below that is the Track Service Request. If you have made any service request, such as change of database, change of name, change of address, or any kind of change you have requested through Sparse Portal. Then you will get to see its status here. If you want to update personal details, then the button below it. So today we were discussing about the pension slip. To see the pension slip, click on the Pension Slip button. As soon as you click, there is a month column on the right side. Select June  in the month column. If you want to see this month, then July . And 2024 in the year. And below that is your

Pension Slip. As soon as you click here, your pension slip will open in front of you. Here is your PPO number first. After that your Rank Name, Type of Pension, Date of Retirement, Bank Account Number, Bank Branch, PAN Number, Aadhar Number. How much is your service element, how much is the disability element, how much is the DR? How much is the total net payable? How much is your commutation being deducted? How much is the total commutation being deducted? When is your next life certificate due? You will get to know from here. When will the commutation end?  When will the commutation end? I am also a pensioner. And my end date of commutation is showing wrong.

As it should be, it is showing a wrong date. There is a period of 15 years after which your commutation will end. But it is showing wrong. What do you have to do for this? You have to put a grievance. But I don’t know when this grievance will be resolved. It is very difficult to redress the grievance. Still, you have to try. Assume that your commutation is going to end in a year or two. You will have to try from now itself. This was a unique way to download PensionSleep. You can print this file by pressing CTRL-P. You can save it in PDF.

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